Private Isolation Messages

Private Isolation Messages

These Private Isolation Messages are in order to keep our Topless Barmaids and Striptease Performers busy and with a little bit of money in their pocket through these difficult times dealing with covid 19.

​We thought you maybe interested in helping them out and sharing a little something with a mate that is not about Coronavirus .

So off the back of our wildly popular Covid Isolation Selfies we thought we would offer a private isolation message service.

These will be real private isolation messages personalized for you from real local girls. Not models or actresses, real girls that live next to you right here in Melbourne. In Fact you will notice that under some of these images are names of the girls if you would like to request one. There are more Isolation selfies and girls names for reference below.

Here is an example of an isolation message you may request…

From $30 per Private Isolation Message!

You could receive a message for your self or to pass onto a mate one of these following ideas we have or you may have an idea of your own?

  • Cheer up message to a mate isolation is not so bad because of “Boobs”
  • Happy Birthday
  • Virtual Body Shot
  • Seductive home workout ideas
  • Strip tease
  • Prank type message
  • Private twerk video

Click on this link below to request a message for yourself or a mate.

Order an Isolation message Here!

As mentioned earlier here are some images and references of some of the girls that are happy to make one of these private isolation messages for you while they are avoiding Covid 19.

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