BBC At The Movies – Star Wars : A New Hope

Star wars

Da dada da da, dada da da, dada da da………….

We just love Star Wars!

Star wars

That iconic music cannot be mistaken with anything else! Watching the yellow writing fly up the screen, you can’t help but get excited. Star Wars Episode IV : A New Hope, the film that started the whole phenomenon is one of the greatest films of all time!
The films starts off with the two bumbling characters, who managed to appear in all six films to date, C3PO and R2D2 as they walk along arguing as their ship is getting taken over by the very massive Devastator ship.

After a few moments of this, C3PO loses R2D2 but then quickly finds him down a long passageway, getting touched up by a very sexy looking Princess Leia, who is politely bending over in that sexy white gown of hers as she records a message into R2D2. This is our first introduction to Princess Leia and thankfully, not the only time we get to see her bend over.

As you all know, the two droids escape and land on the desert planet, Tatooine. We’re introduced to our hero, Luke Skywalker as he and his uncle buy the droids in question, from some intergalactic gypsies. After some background teasing about Lukes fathers past (spoiler alert, Lukes father is the baddest boss in the galaxy, Darth Vader), Luke meets up with Obi Wan Kenobi and retrieve the message out of R2D2 as we once again get to see Leia bending over.

After some wild shenanigans, including the murder of Lukes uncle and aunty, Obi Was using the force to fool some silly storm troopers, Darth Vader getting pissed off and strangling someone with his mind, we’re finally introduced to Han Solo and Chewbacca, who agree to help out Luke and Obi Wan on their mission of saving the galaxy.

After some confusion of where they’re going, the Millennium Falcon is “sucked” into the Death Star. This is where we start to see some action as Obi Wan goes off on his own mission and leaves Luke, Han and co. to go and save the Princess. Dressed up as Storm Troopers, they end up in an epic laser battle with a bunch of guards which helps raise the body count. This is interrupted by a scene of Darth Vader, saying he knows Obi Wan is here, as he can feel a disturbance in the force. It’s at this point I wanted them to cut back to Leia as I was feeling a disturbance in my pants…..

Following this, the gang end up in the garbage disposal, whilst Obi Wan ends up in a light saber fight with Darth, which he purposely loses to become more powerful. This is when the gang escape out of there. They join forces with the Rebel Alliance to take down the Death Star.
Another spoiler, they do it and “defeat” the evil empire……for now…..
The film finishes with our hero’s getting medals. It’s at this point I realize, I want to be a Jedi!

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