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Check Out Our Comprehensive List Of Best Man Duties…

There’s more to being a best man than booking a bucks stripper, or some topless waitresses you know? Whether it’s two months or two years until the wedding, you’ve got a pretty massive job ahead of you regardless of the pre wedding bucks activities. But don’t panic about your best man duties. We’re here to help. And with the Big Boys Club on board, you can rest assured that when all is said and done, you’ll be able to look back proudly and say, “F**k, I’m awesome”. Job done.

You’re gonna have a lot to think about over the coming months, so we’ve put together a list of the most important best man duties to give you a bit of a head start. Get these sorted, and you’ll be home and hosed.

Suit Up!

As much as we’d all love to get along to a wedding in our boardies, thongs and favourite AC/DC t-shirt, it’s a big no no, particularly if you want the groom to get laid on the wedding night. The best man needs to help out with suit fittings in the lead up to the wedding. Help the groom pick some nice looking threads, make sure the grooms men get to the fittings when they need to, and ensure the outfits are picked up and returned on time.

Bucks Party Melbourne
Bucks Party Melbourne

Attend The Rehearsal

Apparently attending the wedding isn’t enough anymore. As part of your best man duties you may also have to show your face at a wedding rehearsal – a strange, half wedding with no guests, no cake, and no tipsy, kinky bridesmaids. Yes, the rehearsal will probably be on a week night, when you could be at home watching ‘Man VS Wild’. Suck it up. The groom no doubt feels the same, and is there just to please his future lady-wife. Make sure you’re there for moral support.

Get The Groom To The Wedding On Time

This should be fairly simple. You have to be ready quicker than a woman. On her wedding day. Any questions?

Look After The Rings

Now this is probably one of THE most important best man duties. Despite what you’ve been told, this doesn’t mean crouching in the corner, stroking them and referring to them as your “precious”. Possibly your most important job on the day of the wedding is taking care of the rings (OK, OK. You can make everyone call you the “ring bearer” if you have to). During the ceremony, the handing over of the rings is your moment in the spotlight. Try not to cock it up. Like this guy did.

Pack A Picnic

OK, not a full picnic. But it’s always a good idea to keep a couple of snacks and some (non-alcoholic) beverages on hand for the bride and groom. Think muesli bars, a couple of packets of life savers and a bottle of water (bag of ‘Snakes Alive’ if you’ve got the space). The bride and groom are gonna get hungry and thirsty between the ceremony and the reception, and you need to be prepared to slip them a cheeky snack in between time – anything that is easy to carry, not messy to eat, and will give them a quick burst of energy. Probably good to stash a strip of Panadol in your coat pocket too. Always comes in handy.

Bucks Party Melbourne
Bucks Party Melbourne

Write And Deliver A Blinding Speech

The bride and groom have got it easy. Once their job is done and dusted, and everyone else is sipping cheap champagne and nibbling on mini dim sims, you’re still under pressure to perform. During the reception you’ll be expected to stand up and deliver your toast – your opportunity to wish the bride and groom eternal happiness…and to take the piss out of the groom in front of all of his family and friends.

If you’re having trouble putting your thoughts down on paper, check out our best man speech generator for some inspiration.

Take Care Of Anything That Needs To Be Done Following The Wedding

As part of your best man duties, you’re responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly, and this includes all of the post-wedding jobs. Just because the bride and groom are off shagging each others brains out, doesn’t mean you can relax. Make sure the bridesmaids get home safely, everything that needs to be taken care of at the reception venue has been sorted, any gifts are collected and stored safely until the bride and groom get home. Another golden top tip to be on your best man duties.

Always a good idea to keep some extra cash in your pocket on the day too, in case any unforeseen or overlooked costs come up – paying the priest, limo driver, or most importantly, posting bail for the groom on the morning of the wedding.

Organise The Bucks Party

This is your opportunity to go down in history with your mates for organising the best bucks party ideas anyone has ever seen…and that’s where we come in. The Big Boys Club are the Melbourne bucks night specialists. We have organised (literally) hundreds of Melbourne’s best bucks parties – we know what guys want and we know where to find it. Lots of inspirational ideas including – Topless waitresses and Jelly Wrestling!

We do the hard yards, and you take the credit. If you wanna find out more about how we can help, give us a call on 1800 701 101 today, or send us an email to tell us more about your bucks party.

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“Get these Best Man Duties right then you can sit back and enjoy a well deserved beer!”