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The Big Boys Club like many business in the modern era are using videos to promote their business. These Bucks Party Videos are here to give you a taste of what to expect at our events. We will start with some of our private Bucks Party events and ideas but you will also see some videos from Melbourne’s favorite breastaurant Schnitzel n Tits and Our premier Bucks Night Venue Burgers n Babes.

Topless Waitresses

One of our most popular Bucks Party Videos showcasing all the outfits/themes that the girls can wear before becoming topless. Themes like school girls, french maids, cow girls etc

Jelly Wrestling

One of our most popular bucks party packages but also a very popular bucks party video. Most people enjoy watching a couple of girls rolling around in jelly.

Lawn Bowls

What a great way to start a boys day out?! A bucks party starting out with drinking beer in the sun while playing some light competitive sports. Really what says aussie bucks day more than that?!

Texas Hold’em Poker

Burgers n Babes

Melbourne’s premier bucks party venue, Burgers n Babes is on every Saturday night and has hosted thousands of bucks nights.