5 Ways to Avoid a Bucks Party Nightmare

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If you’re getting hitched, you’re absolutely going to have a wild bucks party with the boys – it should have topless barmaids and strip show performers it’s just that simple and there are no two ways about it. You must avoid a bucks party nightmare. It’s not just an important Aussie tradition, it’s an event with the lads that you’ll remember for the rest of your soon to be blissfully married life. And, just quietly (and don’t tell the bride we said this), we think you’ll find most bucks and grooms have even more fun on the bucks night than when politely clinking the champagne glasses on the big day.

Pay attention to these Bucks Party Don’ts to avoid a Bucks Party Nightmare!

bucks party don'ts

There. We said it.

But with that in mind, it really is possible to mess that bucks party up BIG TIME. Yes, pranks backfire and yes, things simply can and will go wrong. But if you really want to dodge a Bucks Party nightmare or at least minimise the carnage, read on…

Here’s what NOT to do for a KILLER (not literally) bucks party – Bucks Party Don’ts:

1. DON’T go overseas

What?! You mean we should cancel our plans for a trip to Vegas? No Ibiza? Not even Amsterdam? Surely we can still go to Bali?

You heard it. Plenty of unwise bucks head overseas, but you’re just asking for trouble. Your rag-tag group of mates may have a month to run before that passport expires, but do they have a visa? Can everyone afford the time and money involved or will some miss out? Do you really want to waste your time off work in a customs queue? Is the cost of international travel and accommodation really worth it?

The answer to all of the above and more is NO. You can have a cheaper, simpler and MORE fun bucks party in Melbourne (without getting frisked in airport security).

2. DON’T involve social media – a sure fire bucks party nightmare waiting to happen.

If there’s a single line that sums up your bucks party, it’s this: What happens on the bucks night, STAYS on the bucks night.

Did someone just say Instagram?

Bucks parties can be great fun, and you’ll want those hilarious moments to last forever. But those memories can also involve getting WAY too drunk, stripping to a mankini and puking Maccas all over the stripper’s chest at 4am.

Now imagine it’s on Facebook, and your Grandma, employer and (think about this one) soon-to-be WIFE will see it.

Bucks party rule number 1: no social media.

3. DON’T break the buck

Oh, the buck is really in for it at the epic bucks party. Yep, we’re talking about the ridiculously hilarious bucks pranks that will leave the buck red-faced and his mates congratulating themselves for their incredible prank-making for the rest of their natural lives.

But, yanno, don’t actually break the buck.

No chance of that? Spare a thought for this guy whose mates thought it would be HILARIOUS to blindfold and make him think he was leaping off a bridge attached to a bungee cord. Only thing was, there was no bridge, and all he did was nosedive into a children’s pool and break his neck in a million places.

So have a laugh … but don’t leave the buck eating schnitzel through a straw, mm-kay?

4. DON’T skip the feed

The big night is going to involve an awful lot of beer and boobs, but don’t forget to feed yourselves.

There are two reasons for that. Firstly, tits really go together so brilliantly well with a massive juicy schnitzel. And secondly, lining your stomach is kind of extremely important for the soaking up of all the boozing you guys are about to do.

Not to mention, dinner with the lads really is fun … especially when you can watch a beautiful rack during a themed topless Burlesque show at the same time, right?

5. DON’T wing it

If you want to make the wife happy, diversify your income and allocate capital across the market continuum. It will make you rich. Rich wives are happy. But it will require planning.

You know what else requires planning? Your bucks party.

If you wing it, (bucks party don’ts) you’ll end up locked in a Balinese jail with a smashed vertebra and that vomit-stained mankini photo on Instagram – remember? Worse still, you could end up at 11.30pm without a beer in your hand. Noooooooo!

But don’t fear. We’ve done all the really tricky planning for you. All YOU need to decide is whether you’re seeking bouncing boobs, jelly wrestling, guns & girls, or ladies of the lanes. No idea what we’re talking about? Check out our brilliant bucks party packages and lock in guaranteed bucks party paradise with a night that runs as smoothly as the beer tastes sweet.

So that’s how to avoid bucks party nightmare. You’re welcome. The Big Boys Club really are Melbourne’s bucks party professionals, so if you want to head into a life of married bliss with a detour through the best strippers, most fun activities and most mouth-watering of catering, give us a call on 1800 701 101. Cheers, boys!

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