BBC At The Movies : Weatherwoman


Why would i even go to the video store for a copy of Weatherwoman?

My teenage years begun in the mid to late 90’s. It was around this time that ‘South Park‘ began airing on SBS and my mates and I finally started to notice the T.V. station. It also became apparent to us that on Friday nights, they played an erotic movie of some sort. One particular film became legendary amongst my mates and I; it also gained a cult following in popular culture. I speak of course of ‘Weatherwoman’.

The film starts with a bang! We hear the pleasurable moaning of what sounds like a young Japanese lady. The camera slowly pans out to reveal our title character, in school uniform, on the top of a roof masturbating. Yeah, masturbating! Whilst she’s going nuts flicking her bean, the camera cuts to a guy who’s on a lower rooftop, looking up at her watching, fully creeping. I like this guys style! She see’s him, then jumps down from the rooftop, fly kicking his head, leaving him covered in blood. He tells her he loves her but she isn’t interested and tells him to jump off the building. She then jumps off the building and we as the viewer are treated to a rather nice up-skirt shot. Then we get the title.


(Rooftop delight)

The film now takes us to present day, to the set of the newsroom. We once again hear the delightful sound of a young Japanese woman masturbating, as the camera pans down a corridor and across some toilet cubicles. Fantastic! We see inside the cubical where out title character is aggressively rubbing her fur purse. Nice! A guy then tells her, it’s her time to present the weather. We then find out she’s only meant to be filling in, however she has other plans….


(Toilet time treats)

Whilst presenting the weather, she does the unthinkable and flashes her panties, which sends the switchboard into overdrive.


(Cheeky panties anyone?)

Following this she needs to have a meeting with network bosses. She randomly flips her way into meeting before apologising to them for being late as she was masturbating in the toilet. The boss of the network loves her, which leads to his daughter coming back to town in order to save the network. The plot thickens as we are presented with a bunch of crazy, random, stereo-typical Japanese scenes which include; The original Weather Woman being shat on. The title character once again masturbating, this time in a bath. A crazy television commercial advertising the weather report. The original Weather Woman becoming the title characters slave, which leads to a scene where the slave must lick all the bubbles off the title characters body because she fears a sponge will damage her skin, also leading to yet another orgasm from the title character. This is at the 40 minute mark for those of you playing at home.


(Oooja manooj!)

As the film comes to a final climax, much like the title character throughout the film, we follow the WeatherWoman to a strange forrest where she begins training for a epic showdown with the network bosses daughter. Her training involves her being tied up whilst wearing sexy spandex and being whipped by the guy from the start of the film. Once again, very random. The epic battle eventually takes place, which is introduced by an elaborate dance sequence and a hot topless female sumo wrestler. The battle itself is crazy and naturally far-fetched as the two scantily clad ladies summon these strange powers, which doesn’t really make sense at all but we do get a resolution, with the WeatherWoman being victorious.


(The crazy, random, “epic” battle)

If you want a random, crazy, sexy, funny, stupid film to watch, jump on ‘Weatherwoman’ as it’s a total cult classic!


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