The fun of Beer Pong at the Big Boys Club

Bucks Party Melbourne

Can You Focus on the Game and Not the Cleavage?

It seems like such a simple game of physics, but add a jug of beer and some of our delicious girls to distract you and even a skilled player will have a tough time playing our Beer Pong!

If you haven’t played this time honered Bucks Party tradition before, basically, the aim, as you take turns, is to throw your ping pong ball into the opposing teams’ cups. Whichever cup your ping pong ball lands in, the oppoosing team has to drink the contents of.  That cup then is put to one side and is now out of the game.

Whoever has cups left on the table wins, it’s that simple, or is it??

Try keeping your eyes on the prize as our girls distract you with their fine bootay;  try keeping your cool as they show off their impressive boobage.

Think you’ve played Beer Pong before?  Think again.


  • Strip Beer Pong with our Babelicious Barmaids
  • Russian Roulette (Ask our Big Boys about this one!)
  • Swap Beer for something more to your flavour
  • Team Matches or Tournament for large crowds

Ready To Book Your Bucks Night Package?

Remember, you’re not just booking a bucks night. You’re securing your position in history as the greatest best man the world has ever known.


Origins of Beer Pong:

The game was originally believed to have evolved from the original beer pong played with paddles which is generally regarded to have had its origins within the fraternities of Dartmouth College in the 1950s and 1960s, where it has since become part of the social culture of the campus. The original version resembled an actual ping pong game with a net and one or more cups of beer on each side of the table.  Eventually, a version without paddles was created and the names Beer Pong and Beirut were adopted in some areas of the United States sometime in the 1980s.

Bucknell University‘s student-run newspaper, The Bucknellian, claims Delta Upsilon fraternity members at Bucknell created “Throw Pong”, a game very similar to beer pong, during the 1970s. “Throw Pong” was then brought to Lehigh University by fraternity brothers who visited Bucknell and this led to the creation of the version of beer pong that is played today.

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