Dirty skipper prank

dirty skipper Prank

Dirty Skipper Prank by wacky Swedes

In Sweden, the stag doesn’t know what he’ll be doing for his stag party, or even when! The dirty skipper had no idea either..

Traditionally he gets ambushed by his friends, and whisked off for a day and night for his last night of freedom. This particular Swedish stag was no different – the surprise in this instance was his revealed to be his sailing a yacht for the day with lads on board.

Given he was to be the captain the boys dressed the buck accordingly. They costumed him in a captains hat, double breasted blazer and a carefully applied skipper’s beard. After a great day out with much to drink and eat, they landed on-shore and headed for a customary sauna before the evening’s proceedings.

On entering the sauna the buck initially failed to grasp the significance of the best man’s  bald pubic area. In fact he soon saw that ALL the boys on his stag day were similarly deforested. After a few knowing smirks the horrified buck realised why his captain’s beard had been so itchy! (Hence the dirty skipper prank)

Disclaimer; We neither supply nor officially encourage bucks night pranks.  This is just a light read and a entertaining laugh involving pranks OTHER people have executed at  bucks parties all around the world.

“this dirty skipper prank really cracks us up!”

The Swedes have a bunch of other wacky bachelor party traditions involving gathering in the great outdoors, like the ocean going guys of dirty skipper prank fame. Communing with  nature with their brethren seems to require dancing around a stick  and carrying live animals through the woods. The buck may also be dressed in an animal costume. Check out this buck in the backwoods of Scandinavia. His panda suit catches fire. The English translation for the Swedish title for this video on you tube is ‘please turn off the camera’.

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