How’s the cricket?

How's the Cricket

It’s great to see cricket back in the news again isn’t it? After a white-wash summer against the hated enemy, England, the Aussies are back on top of the ICC Test match and one day cricket tables

How’s the cricket?!

How's the Cricket

After giving it to the poms all summer long with new hero’s emerging in Steve Smith, the re-birth of Mitchell Johnson, the old warrior Chris Rogers back in the fold and Brad Haddin back behind the stumps, it’s going to be interesting to see how long the Aussies can hold this place, without meaning to put a damper on the out standing achievement.

How's the Cricket
Check out the FOX Sports article here

Speaking of giving to the battered poms, who saw the results from a club game in England during the week? Check it out here A team in England were all out for three! Two leg byes and a single run off the number 11 who is supposedly the worst batter in the team! Brilliant! Isn’t it great kicking them whilst they’re down?

I had a similar experience in junior cricket, when got a team all out for one. It was a leg bye. Admittedly though, they only had seven players so it kind of takes away the magic a little. Another interesting fact about that game is the first ball of the innings was a bouncer, the batsman ducked it but the keeper didn’t get his gloves up in time. He was rushed to hospital with a split open eye. Gotta love junior cricket.
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How's the Cricket

Until next time, keep it real.

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