The Single girl capital of Melbourne

Bucks Party Melbourne
St Kilda, Elwood and Balaclava is the Single Girl Hot spot of Melbourne.

St Kilda and surrounding areas is usually considered the single girl capitol of Melbourne. These areas include East St Kilda, Elwood and Balaclava. Were not sure why exactly but it does have a lot of apartment buildings available, fantastic options for bars and restaurants and of course it’s close to the beach.

Single Girl

Single girls of Melbourne

Most of the staff here at the Big Boys Club fit into the single girl category and when they are attending a shift for one of our famous theatre restaurants as a topless waitress they are likely to be coming from St Kilda, Elwood or Balaclava.

Melbourne’s Bucks Party Bachelorette’s with attitude!

Single Girl

St Kilda’s Single Babes

Living is St Kilda would be a blast as a single girl parically in summer, it has a world famous beach to spend your days in a bikini sunbathing. It also boats home to the iconic Luna Park. Acland street has an array of fantastic restaurants and some pretty hip night spots. You’ll probably find that these single babes are real party girls. They may not pick their party spots a critically as the hipster chicks of Balaclava but they would love a festival vibe in summer. These hot chicks don’t mind getting there tits out and are usually happy to work with us as a topless waitress or stripper. St Kilda also has a lot of backpackers that also fit the single girl mold and increase the pool of available party chicks to meet out on the town or at festivals.

Check out these independent women rocking the festivals!

Melbourne City is really the top party spot but if you want to get boozy and messy St Kilda is the place to be. Backpackers love it. Most people when they land on Australian shores end up in St Kilda.

Cute Single Girls of Elwood

Elwood being just down the road from St Kilda is equally as good. A little quieter tho, for single girls that dont want to party as much. It still has a great beach, it’s nice and leafy and has lots of cafes to choose from. Definitely more for the single lady whom might stay at home more with her cat and read a book. These cute girl next door types are not likely to work with us as a topless waitress but you’ll never know? they are probably more career driven and are likely to be corporate working in Melbourne City as a Secretary, office chick or even your Boss. They could be party girls but probably not festivals, maybe the occasional Oktoberfest? These ladies would probably prefer a nice meal and some wine during a night out on the town.

The Stay at home cute single ladies, career focused and driven.

With all the beautiful parks and walks around Elwood its likely to find this Cute Single girl with a book under a tree or taking a walk. It really is a nice part of the world.

Balaclava’s Single hipster Chicks

Balaclava is great for the hippy chick, it’s far more hipster. A broader cross section of culture and it’s got a vast choice of cafes to frequent. The single girl living here doesn’t have a beach on her doorstep but she has the choice of both St Kilda and Chapel street to check out on a night out. This edgy babe maybe more picky about where she goes out at night or the type of festival see attends. A little bohemian and multicultural balaclava can be a mixed bag.

South easts fair maidens and savvy spinsters keeping Melbourne boys on their toes.

Carlisle street in Balaclava is Melbourne’s Jewish HQ and it also has a brilliant range of delicious cafes and restaurants. More outgoing than the Elwood girl these sexy savy hipster chicks would definitely be open to a topless waitress shift here and there, stripper not so much. Be on the lookout around Balaclava for the smoking Bohemian Babes.

These areas are very cool for any reason really. As a young man or young family there are multiple reasons to visit. The older generations living here would also swear by the beauty and the community.

You should come and visit whether its for single girls or not.

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