Jessica Alba

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Jessica Alba has definitely got our attention, we would love her to grace us with her presence and work for one night as one of our topless barmaids at one of our events especially, selfishly i might add, my birthday party event. This article looks a little at what may be in our dreamtime…

I met a nice girl last night…

Jessica Alba

“Oh, hey Big Boy – I don’t think we were properly introduced.. I’m Jess..why don’t you come back to bed” aargh woke me up!

Did You Know.. 

  • As a 13 year old Jessica Alba was kidnapped in Australia and found in the boot of a car! She was filming the TV series Flipper at the time
  • Alba made sexy bondage themed ads encouraging youngsters in America to vote
  • She has a tattoo on the back of her neck – it’s just a little ladybug on a daisy (aw!)
  • As if she wasn’t desirable enough – Alba is a mad keen golfer and scuba diver
  • Jalba appeared nude in a shower scene in B grade action classic ‘Machete’..tears were shed in the BBC office when she admitted to digital fakery

She really caught our attention in her scene from Sin City

For those that missed it, here it is…

and Jessica Alba did it again in Sin City two!!!

We can see her SCUBA skills in action here, Jessica Alba is so active and always appears to be involved in a sport or hobby on the set but mainly in her private time.

Which just makes us want to…

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

If  you don’t want to get your hands on Jessica Alba by now.. check yourself for a pulse!

Despite her heavenly rack good Catholic girl Jessica Alba is yet to go topless.. on purpose. BBC take no responsibility for your desire to see

Jessica Alba nip slips and see-through moments.

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