Emma Stone, Girl A..

Emma Stone

From Spider man babe to Zombie killer and high school ‘slut’, Emma Stone girl has always had the moves. With long legs and a killer smile, Emma Stone is this weeks heart-stopper.

In a late breaking update to this gallery – we thought you might like to see Emma Stone ‘accidentally’ lifting her dress to flash her panties on the red carpet at the 2015 Oscars. Exhibitionist Emma – is it just my hungry imagination or do I glimpse your  red carpet beneath those tighty whities?

Emma Stone

mmmmmm Emma Stone!

Emma Stone got her first break when she was 7 years old – she fell off the parallel bars doing gymnastics and broke both arms! Emma’s first acting break was a guest role on Malcolm in the Middle. Her trademark sexy husky voice is a result of painful calluses on her vocal cords. Despite her convincing turn as the school slut in ‘Easy A’ Emma Stone never went to high school – she was home schooled from age 12.

To convince her parents to move to LA she made a Power Point presentation which listed all the benefits to the tune of ‘Hollywood’ by Madonna. When Emma’s Mum recently got cancer they got matching tattoos.  Emma Stone is bosom buddies with Taylor Swift. We can only hope Emma corrupts her.

SPOILER ALERT: Emma Stone’s natural hair colour is blonde. She changed it for her role in ‘Superbad‘ andhas never looked back.

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