Hilarious Kim Kardashian memes

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Kim Kardashian memes

Kim Kardashian bared her buns in a recent photo shoot with Paper magazine in attempt to break the internet. The question is was the mission accomplished?  Breaking the internet is not easy done but Kim K set out to use her biggest assets to achieve this goal. With this we learnt how to stay popular in Kim Kardashian’s world.

A lot of people used this opportunity to create some hilarious Kim Kardashian memes to break the internet too.  Homer Simpsons mouth replacement, glazed doughnuts of Krispy Kim, Drake on Kim and ass parachute were some of many that stood out in a sea of parody shots. Here’s a gallery of ingenious Kim Kardashian memes that will make you laugh.

“Check out these Kim Kardashian memes”

The way people reacted to the pictures of Kim Kardashian’s backside we are almost positive that Kim Kardashian memes will live a long life on the internet. If you believe certain celebrity mag gossip the bum itself is built to last too, pumped full of enough silicon to be less biodegradable than her body. You can check out Kim Kardashian bared buns here

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