Why Have Your Bucks Night in Melbourne


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So you’re looking to plan the best bucks party Melbourne has ever seen? Well, The Big Boys Club has got you covered. We’re Melbourne’s bucks party planning experts with 15+ years of experience, and are able to deliver the best that the city has to offer. Whether its Melbourne’s best strip tease theatre restaurant or showcasing Melbourne’s best topless waitresses After all, nothing but top quality will do for your best mate’s ultimate single-life send off! And we’re not just saying that, we’ve organised many a successful bucks night in Melbourne.

Whether you are a Melbourne local, or you’re planning a bucks weekend away with the boys to Melbourne, you can find some great bucks party ideas and packages to either start, end or plan your bucks night around.

What do we do, you ask? Everything from sexy strippers, topless waitresses, bucks night activities, catering, exciting venues and so much more! That’s right, we’ll help you get every single aspect of entertainment for the bucks party organised into a night to remember! We also have our own private bucks night venues located in Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas, so no matter what your plans are or where you’re staying, you can get there easily.

Why Have Your Bucks Night In Melbourne

Whether you are Melburnian or you’re just a fan of one of the world’s most liveable cities, you can’t go wrong with a bucks night in Melbourne. You can spend the day doing touristy things – a visit to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) or Hosier Lane is a great way to kill some time before the real fun begins! You can have a fancy dinner or check out the live music around the place.

Or if you get one of our packages, you can actually just sit back, relax, and watch the boys have an absolutely smashing time for the entire weekend!

Activities For Your Bucks Party In Melbourne

You can do some active hiking and climbing before unwinding at one of Melbourne’s many bars before you decide to potentially go club-hopping. Or of course you can organise to go to one of the many sightseeing destinations around the city and beyond.

However, as we’ve mentioned, we do have great bucks party ideas and packages on offer. If you do go our packages route, we have every activity imaginable for a great bucks night. From tame barefoot bowl, paintball and go karting to a full on party boat as well as jelly wrestling, you name it…we have it! If we don’t, we can always help organise whatever it is you think your best mate might fancy! With our central Melbourne CBD locations, if you really want to do more after the package plan is over, everything is within reach too!

What Else Do You Need For A Wicked Bucks Night in Melbourne?

Of course, you’re wondering about the cost for organising all of this. Well that’s why coming to the experts at Big Boys Club will benefit you – we have over 15 years of experience organising the best bucks night in Melbourne for thousands of bucks party weekends and Saturday nights. We’ve taken all the hard work out of the planning to deliver some great, truly cheeky and diverse range of bucks party packages in Melbourne.

Our packages are customisable, so if you have a small group of 105 blokes or a larger one of 350 (or anywhere around or in between even), there’s a per head charge that can work within any budget. Not only that, we organise everything from the activity to transport, alcohol, food, sexy waitresses, hot locations and so much more! Big Boys Club will take care of everything, even if you want a themed night!

So, Ready For Your Melbourne Bucks Party To Take Shape?

Great! Click on the Book Now button and get the ultimate bucks night organised for your best mate with the Big Boys Club planners, and watch everyone be impressed with the party of a lifetime!

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