How to Get your Bucks Party Outfits Just Right

bucks party outfits

Make no mistake, your bucks party is an awfully big deal. Ok, so it might not be the last time you ever venture out after voluntarily tying yourself to that ball and chain. But you do need to make sure your last blast as a bachelor is something to remember. So when it comes to that bucks party outfit, do yourself a favour and don’t let it fall flat. Doesn’t matter if you are having a night in playing Bucks Party Games or heading out to a topless waitress restaurant you need to look your best.

Bucks party outfits can maketh the event!

bucks party outfits

But before we explore the sort of bucks party outfits that guarantee your important night won’t be average, here are some important buck outfit tips:

1. Where are you going?

You don’t want to wear a tux to a round of golf.

2. Bring an option

If your mates are being a little cagey about what’s in store, pack a versatile option.

3. Bring spare undies

Without getting too detailed about why this might be a good idea, just remember what Mum told you and put some fresh socks in your bucks costumes bag as well.

4. Be comfortable

You can go wild with bucks costume ideas if you like, but don’t forget that you don’t want the fun to be spoiled because you’re uncomfortable.

Of those 4 tips above, #1 is probably the most important. Yes, you want those bucks party costumes to be truly memorable. But you don’t ACTUALLY want to wear a chicken suit to a night at the opera (even though we’re sure you know a mate who thinks that’s an awesome idea!).

So fine-tune those bucks party costume ideas by thinking carefully about what sort of things you’ll be up to…

5. Something classy

Personally, we prefer beers, burgers, and boobs. But many a bucks event will be semi-formal, meaning you’ll need to look classy.

Don’t stray too far out of your comfort zone, because having fun is always the primary goal. But you definitely don’t want to be the only underdressed one in the crowd.

6. Something casual

Now you’re talking. Looking slick in your best casual gear is what we recommend, so that you’re not too dressed up for something like go-karting but you’re comfortable enough if you’re actually going bare-foot bowling before hitting the strip joint.

Hot tip: Don’t forget your best sunnies.

7. Hangover-style

Ever heard of ‘hangover-style’ bucks outfits? We swear we didn’t just make it up!

What we mean is the sort of bucks party that could mean you end up chained to a mailbox. If this is the case, stick to something casual and comfortable but perhaps remember your Mum’s advice and bring a small overnight bag with a change (or three).

8. Above and beyond

But sometimes, those bucks party dress up ideas get a little more than silly.

Yes, we are talking about your Borat-style mankini, or that giant beer-mug costume you’ve had your eye on. But we are also talking about dressing appropriately for a very specific type of bucks party.

What we mean is that if you go go-karting, take some sneakers. If it’s a Star Wars theme, bring your lightsaber. If you’re going fishing, don’t forget your hat and sun-cream. In other words, when you’re thinking about those bucks dress up ideas, don’t forget to prepare well.

So with your bucks party costumes sorted, it’s simply time to sit back and enjoy the bucks night of your life (and pray to God you don’t end up tied to a mailbox!). Enjoy!

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