Bucks Day Adventure

Bucks day adventure

Epic Bucks Day Adventure around Melbourne

At the Big Boys Club we’ve noticed that more and more bucks party groups want to push themselves. Adventure bucks days have become very popular for good reason – nothing bonds a group and creates memories and stories for the buck like a challenge and a thrill. Some of these are weather and budget dependent but a brave, open minded crews looking for something different could try any of these flavours of bucks day adventure in and around Melbourne

 Shark Diving

Melbourne Aquarium offers Shark diving at about $250 for a scuba skills session and 1/2 hour dive. One advantage of doing it at the Aquarium is that party members who don’t want to swim with the sharks can watch. If this sounds tame have a look at what happened to this chick during her Aquarium shark swim and be careful!


You could take the boys to an indoor climbing gym such as Hardrock on Swanston st in the city. Indoor climbing places seem to be springing up all over Melbourne as people hook into this fun pastime. They’ll provide the gear and coach beginners.

More adventurous groups could get out into the mountains around Melbourne. You’ll need to do this with a professional  tour company in the area you’re climbing because a) You don’t want to kill your buck  b) It’s difficult to rent climbing gear if you don’t belong to a club.

 Tiger Moth flight

Take the crew for a joyflight in one of these open cockpit planes designed as trainers for the airforce. Inc redibly scenic and, if you’re up for it, stomach churningly aerobatic. There’s this company based in Point Cook and these guys in Torquay can take you for a flight over the 12 Apostles. They have options ranging from ‘mild’ to ‘wild’.  Feeling the G’s in an open cockpit is a great Bucks Day Adventure!

White Water Rafting

White water rafting’s particularly good because it involves teamwork. We have some great river rapids in regional Victoria and it just so happens that the Big Boys Club have our own US certified instructor and river guide on staff – our founder ‘Jazzy’ Jeff! The rips dips and spills of our white water rafting package on a fast flowing regional Victorian river is one surefire Adventure Bucks Day!

Zip Lining/Treetop adventure

Essentially a series of flying foxes and obstacle courses in the air – from 2m to 20m high! Set amongst forests so you’re barrelling along through the treetops; fun for big kids with a head for heights. This might also be a good activity if there’s younger crew under 18  who’d like to be included. There’s one in the Otways another one on the Mornington Peninsula and one in Belgrave.

 Sky Diving

Your buck is already taking the plunge..surely he won’t mind being pushed out of a plane at 10,000 feet. This activity makes a lovely surprise bucks day adventure. With our skydiving package you have the option of joining your buck in freefall or sipping a frosty and watching as he plunges to earth in terror. Hard to know which is more fun!

 Hot Air Ballooning

I’ve often gazed up at these bad boys in awe thinking of the serenity and the view. One drawback for a bucks day adventure might be the fact that ‘flying’ conditions are optimal first thing in the morning. These guys in Richmond offer a champagne breakfast as consolation.

Depending on how well you know each other and the willingness of designated drivers you could do the pre wedding road trip (perhaps incorporating it into one of the above out of town activities). If Hollywood has taught us anything it’s that this hair raising trip will be full of wacky characters and shenanigans. You’ll laugh, cry, share your humanity and the buck will either a) get back just in time for the wedding having learnt a priceless lesson about true love b) learn aforementioned priceless lesson in the arms of a waitress he meets on your epic road trip. As best man b) is your cue to do right by the bride to be and marry her.

Some great organisations conduct these bucks day adventure activities not least of which is Big Boys Club! If you want to do something challenging in the outdoors off your own bat it’s worth having a look at these safety guidelines  developed by Outdoors Victoria  – no one wants tears before the wedding, except on the road trip..


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