Jelly Wrestling Melbourne – Bring it On!

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Jelly Wrestling Melbourne – Bring it On!

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Jelly Wrestling Melbourne – Bring it On!

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Your own private Jelly Wrestle Mania!

If hot chicks fighting it out in a tub of jelly gets your motor revving, then this is the party for you! You want the premier league of Jelly Wrestling in Melbourne

From $160 per person!

Staring the super sexy wrestlers of Big Boys Club fame, the experts in bucks night entertainment, this bucks party package includes:.

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Jelly Wrestling

Maybe you want to spoil the buck by adding a lil’ somin’ extra? We are more than happy to discuss the options of adding a Dwarf to Referee the bout and/or an extra topless waitress

Optional Extra Price Per Service
1 Little Person (2 Hours) $385
1 Extra Waitress (3 Hours) $330

Here is our amazing new Jelly Wrestling Video…

Jelly Wrestling Melbourne

The Big Boys Club is proud of their range of Melbourne bucks party packages available but none more than the idea of two athletic girls rolling and wrestling in a kiddy pool full of jelly! If this is something you are interested in, well this package is for you! All your mates will be impressed with an event like this especially when the buck gets chucked in the middle.

Our focus at this stage has been on the Jelly Wrestling but like listed above there is a lot more bang for your buck in this package. Think of all the bucks party games you will be playing with our jelly coated sexy wrestlers!

If you don’t have a bucks party don’t worry – birthday party, boys night, whatever the occasion coming up you you need to see Melbourne’s own Jelly Wrestle Mania!

Impress your mates with some fun facts about why guys love seeing girls battle it out

#1 Girl fights reveal a new side of girls

Guys are used to seeing girls as the gentler and kinder sex. Girls are feminine and always nice. But every once in a while, when they bare their fangs for a catfight, it’s exciting to watch a whole new side of the same girls we once thought were girly and demure.

#2 The sexy flash of skin

When girls fight, they almost always reach out for the other girl’s clothes. And when that happens, there’s a good chance of a flash of accidental skin. It’s not easy for a guy to know if a girl is wearing a g-string or granny panties. But put her in a fight and he’ll know all that and more. To a guy, girl fights are voyeuristic pleasures at its best.

#3 It looks funny

Let’s face it, they fight like girls! No guy thinks a girl could serious injure an opponent with a strategically placed blow in between the legs.  Most of the times, girls just hold on to each other’s hair or punch each other’s breasts!

#4 Sex and war give the same high

Men like watching two girls fight because it’s exciting and unintentionally arousing.  It’s especially exciting if two girls are fighting over a guy, which seriously is every guy’s secret dream!

#5 Hope for a boobie

When a fight’s being dominated by one girl, the losing girl will almost always intentionally try to reveal the other girl’s boobs just to shame her and get back at her. It’s a strategy that always works, and one that makes guys a lot happier!

Just imagine these two girls giving the buck a hiding in the jelly!

Hey! If you’re a man who takes action, book online and we’ll be in touch! Still undecided? No problem checkout some of our other amazing bucks party packages.