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NT News


The Northern Territory is a strange yet wonderful place. They’ve got their own way of looking at the world and the heat makes people drink a lot, play games and and do funny things. This gives journos at the NT News plenty to work with. Like our interest in boob memes this has also caught our eye. Crazy Territorians plus a talent for building the story around the headline is a winning combination..

This Murdoch owned tabloid is one of the only state newspapers to maintain steady circulation in the internet age. Sure, many Territorians have not yet discovered computers but there’s more to their success. Would you rather read about the latest tax reform or the bloke who filmed himself masturbating at 150km/h? The latest developments between Israel and Palestine or the 5 year old boy who took on a croc? I know what i would rather read.

The Age could learn a lot from the journalistic excellence of the Northern Territory News!

With headlines like “Horny Roo stalks NT women” and “Our dog ate my G-String” why would you read another paper?

By the way NT News stories aren’t complete bollocks.

These creative territorians are just pioneers of the theory that informs much of the ‘click bait’ which fills the internet.. Draw people in however you can. We love the ‘voice’ of the uniquely Aussie NT News.

The first edition of the Northern Territory News was published on 8 February 1952, as a weekly tabloid, then twice weekly, building up to five days a week in 1964. In February 1975 publication reverted to five afternoons a week. The Saturday edition started again in 1979 and now all six papers are morning dailies. So this junk or gold depending how you look at it is constantly delivering these amazing attention grabbing headlines.

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