Take Your Melbourne Bucks Party to the Next Level

Bucks Party Melbourne

The idea of a Melbourne bucks party is becoming quite cliché: get together with the boys, have some drinks and possibly going to either a strip club or hiring a stripper. While it has all the elements for a good time, it is the perfect opportunity for you as a best man to put together a real night to remember for your mate. At Big Boys Club, we can help you put together a Melbourne bucks party that will be a night to remember for years to come. More than the average night of strippers and booze, we have a variety of packages that are a bloke’s dream come true. For example, our “Bruises and Boobs” package starts the day off with paintball, then hearty finger food, unlimited beer and a wild strip show, or take it up another notch with replacing paintball with a firing range and then retreat to our hunting lodge where you will be served food and drinks by topless girls. For those who really like to get down and dirty, then our “Booty Camp” might just be the party for your buck. With games and drills run by our military booty girls, a strip show from our G.I Jane and enough food and beer to keep you fighting fit, there is no buck’s night package quite like it. The best bit with all these packages is that we take care of it for you and you will go down in history as putting on the best Melbourne bucks party that any buck could ask for.
Bucks party

The Planning Process

The moment has come, your best mate has decided to put a ring on it and the wedding planning is in full swing: not only has he proposed but he has also asked you to be the best man. The best man duties do not just include on the day work; everybody knows the best man’s success is measured by how good the bucks party is so you do not want to be the best man to let down his groom with a mediocre night. It can be hard to plan a party, especially one of this calibre so that is where we come in. It is our job to help you give the buck the best party as well solidify your status as being a living legend amongst the boys. Start by contacting us and we can work with you to find the best package to suit your needs. Whether it be a grandiose experience with all the boys or a smaller bucks show with a tighter budget, at Big Boys Club we can help you put together the perfect Melbourne bucks party together. With over fifteen years’ experience at planning bucks’ parties and a solid reputation, we work with you to best match the type of party that suits your budget, your groom and your vision. Once the planning is done, we handle the rest so you do not have to worry, you can enjoy the night with the rest of party.
Bucks party

Big Boys Club Nights

While our reputation for organising the best bucks’ parties in Melbourne precedes us, we also bring you some of the best club nights at the ultimate party venue. You do not have to have a Melbourne bucks party to experience what Big Boys Club has to offer: just check out when our next club events are on so you can experience the best we have to offer. From poker nights to our famous jelly wrestling show Jelly Mania and our food-related nights, “Schnitz n Tits” and “Burgers n’ Babes” we have a list of events that are perfect for a night out with the boys. We know that a good night is all about top quality food and booze, stunning women catering the night and the right games to keep you entertained all night, you will not want to party anywhere else. Nobody runs events like we do so come down to experience the ultimate man cave with a crew that knows how to party. Gorgeous women, fully catered and with a night of action that does not stop, after partying with us, you will not want to go anywhere else.

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