Dad’s Christmas gift ideas

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Dad’s Christmas gift ideas 2014 from Big Boys Club

Dad's Christmas gift ideas

I find it impossible to buy a gift for Mum but the thing about Mums is that even when you grabbed a card and chocolates from 7/11 she’ll act thrilled and love you regardless. Dads are a tougher crowd but these Dad’s Christmas gift ideas from Big Boys Club should give you a fighting chance…

BBQ Dad: Wireless  meat thermometer

For the the serious BBQer 2014 saw the advent of a thingy which works pretty much as you can see – stick the probes in, set it to Medium rare and your phone will beep when it’s time to flip. It has a range of bells and whistles he’ll probably never use (e.g. ‘connect with grillers all over the world!?)  The one you’re looking at here is the ‘rolls royce’ igrill2 and will run you about $100 you can get a cheaper one from Kogan if you want to risk a raised eyebrow from the old fella.

 Road rage Dad: Dashcam

In terms of Dad’s Christmas gift ideas this one’s a sleeper. A dashcam records the road ahead and around while Dad drives. He may not understand why he should be thrilled to stick this extra bit of kit in his car but come an accident which wasn’t his fault or where the other car’s uninsured you’ll be the golden boy. Next Christmas, however, you may be subjected to a highlights reel of ‘the lunatics on the road’. The quality and cost of dashcams varies enormously so here’s a great  users discussion of which one to buy.

Outdoors Dad: Tentsile tree tent

Is your Dad a Bear Grylls type? Actually in that case he might think this suspended treehouse tent  with rope ladder is soft. For your peace of mind keep him out of reach of curious snakes and spiders wetness and zombies. Might break his neck when he gets up for a piss though..

Absentminded Dad: Bluetooth Tiles

The tile app is a clever US invention. You attach these little 2cm square tags to items you often misplace. The tags can be tracked precisely with your phone as long as you’re within ‘about 150 feet’ of the Tile (the company is a startup so we cut them some slack). If you’re not that close though it will tell you the last place the tile was in range. They also have a ‘community find’ feature which allows other users of the app to report your stuff if it’s within range of their phone..or pinch it. Pre-order from and at this stage they take a while to arrive. Thing is, my Dad mainly loses his phone…

Sports DadTickets to the Boxing Day test

A fine tradition in which we pack some leftovers and roll along to the G to see Australia play some hapless foreign team – we’ve only lost this test twice since the turn of the century.  The weather’s usually great and the atmosphere relaxed. This year we stick it up India. General reserve tickets for the first day are only $40. If adding this to your list of Dad’s Christmas gift ideas consider some company –  $86.50 makes it a family affair.

Revhead Dad: Driving Experiences

Is your Dad a bit of a leadfoot? Help him get it out of his system before the inevitable fiery crash.  Depending on your budget you can get him a few laps in a V8 supercar or a full hour in a performance tuned Lamborghini or Ferrari…there’s a huge range of car, bike & even monster truck packages including defensive driving and drift driving courses. If he doesn’t ‘need’ anything the range of available driving experiences are good hard to please Dad’s Christmas gift ideas.

Couch potato Dad: internet video streaming gadgets for the TV

Those of us who are tech savvy know how to run the internet through the telly and stream stuff – legally or not. 2014 has seen the release of a series of set top boxes and ‘dongles’ priced from about $50 – $150 that will allow Dad to easily watch  what he wants when he wants in terms of movies and tv shows.3 big BUTs: 1. The actual content sometimes cost extra 2. because they’re designed for the US they’re still working out some of the kinks for Australian market 3. for sport and news network TV’s still the best. Here’s an article about some of the best ones for Australia

Handy Dad: Cordless power tools

Dad will love not having to run extension leads everywhere although he can still fall prey to battery rage.. ‘how hard is it to put it back on the bloody charger!’ The latest generation Brushless Makita tools last longer and are the choice of the builders I work with when not having fun with Big Boys Club. If you scope out what you need then buy it online you can save a lot on high end power tools

Party Dad: A night out at Schnitz n Tits

Just because he’s getting on doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to have some fun! Bring Dad along to our flagship Friday night in Melbourne for a succulent breast Schnitzel with chips, salad and gravy, costumed service babes who go topless and dispense bodyshots, audience games and prizes and burlesque performances which are raunchy without being too rude. At only $45 plus tips tickets to Schnitz n Tits are a bargain way to make some memories with the old boy

Hope our list of Dad’s Christmas gift ideas got you thinking..Merry Christmas from Big Boys Club!

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