Big Boys – Party Time

Party Time

Its Party Time!

Its Party Time and Bucks party season is in full swing! Sure you may of heard of us but have you taken full advantage of our packages? We can also help organise another blokes party for a birthday, work function or even just an excuse to get drunk and be served by gorgeous ladies because its Party Time!

Party Time

Check out some classic Big Boys bucks parties.

Over the years, the Big Boys Club has catered for all of these types of parties and more. Personally, I’ve organised, managed and hosted close to two hundred of these bucks parties and honestly can’t remember a group that’s left disappointed.

We’ve got access to the best strippers in Melbourne to put on a saucy show for a guest of honor, ie. The Buck, or even just a show for an entire group to enjoy.

Party Time

Another awesome performance

Looking for Melbournes best strippers?

Our babelicious barmaids are the best going around and honestly love their jobs. Take advantage of their hospitality and service. Feel like a drink but can’t be bothered moving? Just raise a hand and the gorgeous, topless girls will be more then happy to fetch you a drink. They’re even happy to just muck around and have a couple cheekies with the boys!

Party Time

Babelicious Barmaids entertaining

Check out our famous barmaids

How about Jelly Wrestling? Heard about that? It’s what millions around the world dream about! Two sexy ladies wrestling each other in jelly! Seriously, could you think of anything hotter? Want a truly memorable night? Get the guys to chuck in a few extra bucks for a truly awesome show!

Party Time

Jelly Wrestling is one hell of a show!

Check out our gallery of previous Jelly Wrestling events.

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