10 Fresh Starts that would really Change your life!

fresh starts

These Fresh Starts will change your life…

fresh starts

Daily grind getting you down? Bad breakup? Got a shocking hangover and feeling remorseful or just wondering what it’s all about?  You could…

1. – Join the Army

Very appealing in terms of fresh starts and wholesale life changes – when you join the Army you’re on almost a full wicket while they train. Recruits start with $33,000 which doesn’t sound like much but they feed and house you and the base salary doesn’t include other perks like ‘service allowance’ (basically another whack for the demands of army life) and uniform allowance. The starting wage goes up quickly and you get more if you’re bringing skills and trades or doing officer training. Factor in the camaraderie, fitness and firearms and…. I wonder if the army need blokes-cornergers?

2. – Go overseas and do aid work

This is a great one if you’ve been getting a bit philosophical – what’s it all for/about?  What seemed like dramas in Australia might be put in perspective by giving a chop out to a developing or war torn country. Even if it turns out not to be for you – watch your approval rating skyrocket as you mention in when chatting up a girl.

3. – Become a surf bum

The 1966 movie Endless Summer  gave the idea of following the waves and weather around the world mass appeal. It’s getting increasingly expensive to do this if you’re not a pro surfer but blokes manage – you need a laid back friendly attitude, creativity regarding income, shelter and transport and a willingness to rough it a bit. Check out this great guide to getting started as  a Hawaiian surf bum

4. – Go to the mines

This may have occurred to you because it’s reported as a quick way to big bucks. Chris who works in the Pilbara says it’s not for everyone and that whilst it does pay well they have a lot of trouble keeping people on because it can be lonely and very hard work.  Because there are hardly any women and not much to do, says Chris, a lot of blokes spent their substantial pay and scarce time off getting hammered and going to local brothels. Other than  these costs there’s the opportunity, as in the army, to save a bit while you’re fed and housed. Also like the army you’re better odds of getting a start if you already have a trade. Heaps of resources on the internet about mining work but you could start with http://www.entrylevelminingjob.com.au/

5. – Go to sea

One  of the Big Boys regulars is a career merchant seaman working in OH & S and earning a lot of money. He says his time at sea is disciplined and intense – that he never really switches off until the ship’s docked – to explain why he has to blow off steam with us. The same guy has different wives in different countries which may or may not strike you as a bonus. Check out the Aus. Shipowners Association page for a fresh start on the ocean

6. – Join the priesthood

None of the above life changes should be taken lightly but this one especially would not be ideal as the answer to hangover inspired remorse. Anyone can get ordained as a minister online but to minister in one of the bigger religions like Catholicism they make you jump through a few hoops first.

7. – WWOOFing

WWhat-ing? WWOOF stands for Willing Workers On Organic Farms – a co-operative which operates in all Australian states as well as other countries. You pay these guys a fee to register and they send you a book which lists host properties where you can exchange 4-6 hours of your work  for meals and accommodation, usually in the farmer’s house. It’s becoming popular as a different and more authentic way to travel as well as a chance for city slickers to get a break from the concrete and cars. Anecdotal evidence says you can get slavedriving hillbillies or friendly folk with hot daughters..just as they can get good or bad workers out of the deal .

8. – Rob a bank

We’ve all thought about it and whilst we’re not advocating robbery it will involve a change in your life circumstances. Once you’ve planned and executed your uberheist with machinelike precision you and your crew (you’ll need a crew apparently) will be faced with one of two problems. Ideally – how do you spend it? More commonly – how to cope with a stint in an Aussie jail

9. – Go to Dubai to make your fortune

Dubai, one of the seven United Arab Emirates, is a very wealthy city with a lot of opportunities in a range of fields around the oil industry, construction, shipping and tranport and real estate and a big expat community.  The UAE is a tribally ruled Muslim country with very different laws and customs to ours and if you’re resident you need to be careful not to get on the wrong side of them – especially in terms of alcohol and driving. Dubai has the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa (pictured)

10. – Get a tattoo/tattoo removed

Nothing says new start like a massive back job…OR  giving the goodbye laser to that first love whose name is writ large on your forearm.  If it’s a ‘n0w or never’ situation you could try DIY removal with some booze and a belt sander.  A bit of body art added or subtracted is a reminder that today is the first day of the rest of your new life!

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