Taking the Pressure Off

Bucks Party Melbourne

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There are many roles and jobs one must take when they accept to be somebody’s best man: the best man speech, making sure the groom is on time, looking after the rings but the most exciting role comes with one of the biggest expectations. That job is to throw the groom a bucks night that he will not forget. With the guests normally comprising of old mates, family of the bride and groom and some extra ring-ins, it can be fun to come up with the perfect bucks party ideas Melbourne. We all know the must haves: plenty food, drinks flowing and of course, the right entertainment but it can be hard to plan something that stands out from the crowd. Do not let the pressure get to you, that is where we at Big Boys Club come in. Not only can we give you a wide range of bucks party ideas, we can also make sure everything goes off without any issues. This means that we do all the organising: venue, food, booze, sexy entertainment and all the icebreakers, activities, party games and even entry into some of the best strip clubs in Melbourne if you so desire. With us taking care of the bucks night, you can spend the rest of the time planning and working on all the other best man duties. The best part? On the night, we will run the whole thing. That way, all you need to be responsible for is having a good time and ensuring that the groom makes it to his wedding!

Not Your Average Bucks Night

We have all been to those bucks nights – the ones that just have the standard meal with the boys, the drinks flowing and then heading off to the strip club. While there is nothing wrong with this tried and true formula, there are so many better bucks night ideas out there so instead of settling with the standard, why not change it up? Depending on the group of lads you are catering for, there are a range of different activities you can do and if you plan a bucks night through Big Boys Club we can give you the best bucks party ideas and help you run it without a hitch. Choose from activities like bowling, fishing, go karting, paintballing or skeet shooting to kick the day off and then turn it up a notch with unlimited beer, man-sized hearty finger food and entertainment provided some of the hottest and most wild strippers. If those activities are not in line with the grooms taste, then you can choose from one of themed nights like a Star Wars theme. Fulfil those boyish fantasies with Slave Leia costumed waitresses and topless Leia waitresses, all combined with our standard food and drinks packages.

Other bucks party ideas we have to offer are our Super Sports Activity package where you can enjoy our indoor sports function centre with jumping castles, bubble soccer, bouncing boxing, soccer, cricket, just to name a few, and of course what is the point of an adult jumping castle if you can not enjoy it with some sporting sweethearts? If you are looking for bucks party ideas that are better than the average and will leave a remarkable impression, then Big Boys Club can ensure that your night will be one to remember.

Breaking the Ice

Chances are if you have been given the role of best man, you will have a pretty good idea about who will be invited to your groom’s bucks night. While it is a night that can start off awkward if there are a few people who do not know each other, especially if fellas from the brides side are attending like future father or brothers in law, it is important that when you are putting together a list of bucks party ideas that you find a way to combat this.

Sitting around with a few drinks, having a stripper come to the home and ordering some food, while just relying on something simple like conversation and poker can lead you to stressing about everybody interacting which is a job that no man wants to have to worry about. When putting together your bucks party ideas, facilitate the opportunity to partake in some ice breaker games- something that all our packages at Big Boys Club offers. With beautiful women helping the fun along, everybody is sure to relax pretty quickly and after a few games of strip beer pong, lingerie twister and massive Jenga – along with a few drinks – the night is sure to move along effortlessly and the boys will be bonding in no time.

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