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Bucks party ideas are going to be a riot when the goal is to make your pal’s last day of singlehood a blast! Organising the event with fun in mind is no mean feat, however. Luckily, fun is our calling card!

As a premier planner of mind-blowing bucks night in Melbourne, the Big Boys Club offer a smorgasbord of wildly exciting party ideas full of hilarious antics and endless laughs! Whether your troop likes the adrenaline rush of go-karting and paintball or prefers a quiet weekend of golf and lawn bowls, we got you covered.

We can even go extreme with jelly wrestling, capped by a night of endless booze and mischief! Beer pong1 and twister with topless waitresses and strippers? We’ll tick that off your buddy’s bucket list.

Just give us a call and we’ll help you plan an unforgettable bucks night that any stallion can only dream of!

Bucks Party Ideas in Melbourne

Bucks party ideas in Melbourne that are absolutely epic may be hard to come by but not when you’re with the Big Boys! Here at the Big Boys Club, we’ll organise a bucks party that you, the groom, and the gang won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

From the mild to the wild, our team can give the groom the time of his life! Whether the gang likes a nice, quiet weekend fishing or a rowdy night in the company of beautiful women, we can organise a party that will tickle any eager bucks fancy.

Bucks Party Melbourne

We do parties that can get any eager stag roaring in delight. Skydiving for the adrenaline junkie? Check. Golfing with endlessly flowing booze? Check and check. Sleepless weekend of paintball and lawn bowls? No problem! We’ll even plan a night of jelly wrestling, beer pong and twister with topless waitresses and strippers if that’s your cup of tea!

With the Big Boys Club, we put in the leg work so you and your buddies can simply look forward to having a good time!

Beautiful girls, scrumptious food, endlessly flowing drinks, and an epic night or weekend of bawdy revelry—with the Big Boys, your mate’s last night as a bachelor will be one that sends everyone reeling with laughter in years to come!

Bucks Party Activities

Coordinating your bucks party with us here at the Big Boys Club will help you plan what actually happens during the groom’s last hurrah. Without a plan, everyone could end up arguing where to go and end up stuck in one pub all day like an ordinary night-out with the boys. In this regard, it’s best to pick and book activities in advance so you will not have to fret what to do next once the bucks gather.

Still clueless on the best bucks party ideas for the man of the hour? With thousands of bucks parties under our belt, we’re sure we can craft a unique party from a smorgasbord of awesome activities to suit the taste of the buck and your mates! All you need to do is coordinate with us and we’ll take care of the leg work.

Bucks Party Ideas

Bucks Party Packages

Bucks Party Ideas

Best Melbourne Strippers

Bucks Party Ideas

Topless Waitresses & Barmaids

Bucks Party Ideas

Small Group Bucks Party


A Round of Golf with Cute Caddies and then onto a private Club house

For sure, nothing beats a day on the course with your best mates!

A popular and classic choice among bucks, this bucks party idea promises a weekend filled with drinks, laughs, girls, and golf! After a leisurely game with pals, hop on a bus service and we’ll cap the bucks party with a scrumptious dinner in Melbourne’s many amazing restaurants.

Bucks Party Ideas
Bucks Party Ideas


Incorporate speed into your bucks party and you get go-karting.

Because racing is something boys never grow out of, why not fuel the groom’s competitive, devil-may-care attitude on the racetrack? Burn rubber on the local course and see who among your mates gets a podium finish. For sure, this classic party idea will be the highlight of the stag do!

Friendly Paintball

Save a shot for the father-in-law as you might never get this chance again!

With a friendly competition of paintball, your troop can gear up for a roaring stag do! Lock and load and be the stars in your own action flick as you engage in a battle you mostly see on video games. The best part of this bucks party idea? The bride and her friends can tag along in your mission to dominate the battlefield!

Bucks Party Ideas
Bucks Party Ideas

Ultimate Skydiving

When the goal is a memorable bucks party, could there be anything that beats free-falling from 15,000 feet?

For the ultimate bucks party, take it up to the sky with a skydiving session with the blokes! This spontaneous, exhilarating experience might just be what the groom needs to get his adrenaline rushing. Luckily, you don’t need to go far from the city to experience this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Planning the Bucks Party

If you’re not the kind who plans, the good news is that you can leave the organising to us here at Big Boys Club! We’ll look after every element of your mate’s bucks night and make sure the guys go home feeling like you can conquer anything.

We’ll need your input on a couple of really important aspects.

Destination and Date

As you organise the bucks party, you have to pick destinations that the groom prefers. Know whether he prefers partying in the locale or going on a wild getaway somewhere else. Once you have an idea of his preference, pick a date that is a few weeks in advance to avoid major holidays and clash with everyone’s schedule. If you have to, have a vote on these two details with the gang.

Bucks Party Ideas
Bucks Party Ideas

Guest List

While you expect everyone in the troop will show up for the big party, the reality is that this isn’t always the case. As you list down the names of those who you think will attend, it’d be best to invite a few more friends because there will be some who’ll flake out for no good reason. A good way to get the guest list ready is to get everyone interested in joining to contribute a certain amount for the party.

We hate to admit it but we blokes aren’t always that good with the finer details. And if you happen to be the best man, the groom may be in for a nasty surprise to find that his bucks day is an absolute disaster (The Hangover, anyone?). It always doesn’t have to be a dud just because you don’t know where to begin in organising one.

Bucks Night Ideas

To help you get started, here are a few bucks night ideas you might want to try with your buddies:

Lawn Bowls onto Burgers n Babes – Topless waitress Restaurant

Who doesn’t enjoy a night of spirits and food, anyway? What better way to celebrate your friend’s last hurrah than to drink the night away!

With Big Boys Club organising the night, you and your friends can enjoy excellent boutique and craft beer and cider one after the other. By the end of the night, you’ll become a certified spirit connoisseur! And not to worry as we’ll take care of the transportation so all you and your buddies can worry about is how to chug the next keg.

The 5 Most Popular Bucks Party Ideas
In Melbourne

The Essentials Package has all the necessary ingredients you need to throw a kick-ass bucks party. Forget all the additional activities that sound good at the time but can end up very pricey and a logistical nightmare. This package is all about the beer, the blokes and the boobs. This party is all inclusive, so forget the last minute stress of trying to get all your mates in an Uber-it includes your Melbourne transport to and from the venue!

Built on the back of our infamous Melbourne Friday night event ‘Schnitzel n Tits’ we have aimed this night specifically towards bucks parties and is a fantastic night out. It is a popular choice with both small and large groups as the price point caters for all budgets, making it ideal for those who don’t want to spend the big bucks. We give group discounts and early-bird discounts for people who are organized and purchase their ticket a month in advance.

Schnitzel n Tits has been a Melbourne institution and a much-loved part of the Big Boys Club since 2009. Not only is it a great main event for a bucks party, but also an awesome idea for a night to kick-start a bucks weekend. It also has a diverse crowd with not only bucks but hens parties, work parties and birthdays in attendance. With group discounts and a free ticket for the guest of honour, its great value for money for both small and large groups and is a full night of cheeky entertainment from start to finish.

The Jelly Wrestling package is really what put Big Boys Club on the map many years ago when the company first started. This bucks party idea is a once in a lifetime experience and will certainly provide the buck with a night he will never forget.  Still containing all the awesome features of the Essentials Package, the Jelly Wrestling bucks package is really something else.

Here is the Lawn Bowls Package, a popular classic bucks party idea! Enjoy 2 hours of bare foot bowls in the sun bowling with your mates and our gorgeous Bowling Beauties. We’ll pick you up and drop you off to our functions space afterwards where our lovely ladies play bucks party games with you such as Twister and Beer Pong.

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Our Essentials Package on the Bucks Night Melbourne Packages Page is our most basic package. However Basic does not mean it is missing anything, it has everything you need for the perfect Bucks Night Melbourne CBD. It has a bus to take you safely around to the venue and away again. It has topless Waitresses and a strip show. Food and Drinks enough to keep all the boys satisfied.