Social beer sports party package

Lawn Bowls or 10 Pin Bowling & Burger Bar Combo

If we’ve heard it once we’ve heard it a thousand times..

“I want to play sport but.. do I have to put down my beer?”

Big Boys brains trust felt your pain. No man should have to choose between a competitive streak and a coldie. Now you can play and talk sports mid-frothy with our amazing Social beer sports party!

We all know booze improves co-ordination and makes for a steady hand. With your beer improved performance we figure even cute waitresses in revealing gear won’t put you off your game. Our friendly bowling beauties will top you up until you emerge victorious!’re competing, you’re shooting the shit with mates, hot girls in skimpy outfits wait on you hand and foot and you have an epic night ahead. It’s one way to start a bucks party, birthday party or boys day out session!

Enjoy 2 hours of Lawn Bowls or 10 pin Bowling with your mates and our gorgeous Bowling Beauties  then we’ll drive you all to Big Boys Burger Bar. There you’ll get a feed and kick on like Donkey Kong. That’s the Social Beer Sports Party!

Package includes:

  • Bus to pick you up from inner city and take you to the bowling location
  • 2 hours of bowling  with hot ‘bowling beauties’ on hand to polish your balls
  • Bus to pick you up from bowling location and take you to the Big Boys Burger Bar
  • Bus to take you to strip club in the city where you will receive free VIP entry
Number Of Guests Price Per Guest
15 – 19 guests $170
20 – 24 guests $160
25 – 29 guests $145
30+ guests $130

“Babes, bowling, burgers & booze – hard to think of a better way to spend my last night of freedom.”

Sound fun? Just fill out the form below and we’ll hook it up…

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You’ll love our Social beer sports party Package!

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