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Melbourne Bucks Party Ideas

bucks party ideas Melbourne

There are many tried and true formulas for a bucks night and almost all of them include two things: the alcohol flowing and beautiful, naked women. While you cannot go wrong with these two components, many bucks follow the same itinerary: day out with the boys partaking in some form of competition and group activity, eating together and then heading to a strip club or hiring a stripper to come to a venue. Yes, it is a safe program for a fun day but if you are looking for more adventurous Melbourne bucks party ideas, at Big Boys Club we have ideas beyond your wildest imagination. Instead of separating the sports and group activities from the gorgeous women, how about killing two birds with one stone and incorporating sports and fun with the hottest women Melbourne has to offer? Packages include two hours of sporting action from jumping castles, bubble soccer, bouncing boxing, Gladiator, Sumo wrestling, indoor cricket, soccer and volley ball and so many other activities in our very own indoor sports centre. Another one of genius Melbourne bucks party ideas is your own private Jelly Wrestlemania package. With the hottest women, fighting it out in a tub of jelly, our sexy wrestlers will be sure to give you a bucks night to remember. With every package coming with three hours of unlimited beer, man-sized finger food, party facilitators to ensure everything is running smoothly, a strip show and transport and free entry to a strip club in the city, never worry about running out of bucks party ideas again.

Speech! Speech! Speech!

Other than having to plan the bucks party, and yes, we have you covered for Melbourne bucks party ideas, the other major role of the best man is to deliver a cracking best man’s speech. We know, how do you find the time to right the speech between running errands, making sure your mate makes it to the wedding on time and not losing the rings? Yet, it has to be done. As a best man, it is your responsibility to deliver a speech that finds that delicate balance between being entertaining, roasting your mate and being appropriate for all of the ears of the family and friends from both sides of the family; that includes the bride’s great-Grandma. You do not want to be known as the best man who could not deliver a good speech so you might need all the help you can get. Take a few hints from the leaders of bringing the greatest Melbourne bucks party ideas to life. Make sure you always find a balance between the serious moments and humour but also remember it is about celebrating the love of your mate and his new wife. Deliver a funny story about the bride and groom before they were married, just make sure it is an appropriate. Getting a few laughs not only makes your speech more entertaining but it will also help you relax. Do not go on too long, set yourself a time limit. Generally limit the speech within four minutes but make sure you hit that one-minute mark. Also do not write your speech in the limo on the way from the ceremony to the reception. Give yourself time to learn and be prepared so you can not only give your best man the best buck’s night ever but send him off with a great best man speech that everybody will remember fondly.

Melbourne Bucks Party Ideas

There is more to a bucks night than just beer and boobs, it is all about how those two things are enjoyed that really makes the best Melbourne bucks party ideas. Having games at your bucks night not only keeps the night moving but it can also help the group bond together to ensure the rest of the night goes off without a hitch and everybody has fun. What ever the theme for your bucks night, having some ice breaker games, combined with gorgeous women and unlimited beer, is the best way to set the tone and make your night the most memorable. Bouncer arm wrestling (yes arm wrestling in a bouncy castle), Instant Karaoke, Scavenger Hunt, Edward Beerhands, Underwear Twister and beer pong are just some of the games we offer at Big Boys Club with our bucks party ideas of night packages. So from competitive games, outrageous activities and the best drinking games, we can make sure that you are having the most fun however you decide to spend your bucks night.

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