Covid Isolation Selfies

Bucks Party Melbourne

Amid this Covid-19 pandemic, virus crisis our Beautiful Topless Waitresses and sexy Performers are in Self Isolation. So in order to keep them busy and hold off Isolation Depression and Mental Health issues – we have encouraged them to post their Covid Isolation Selfies to our social media accounts.

This initiative is not only our babelicious bikini barmaids them but yourselves too, any members of the Big Boys Club, fans of Schnitzel n Tits and Burgers n Babes to are privy to these images. No matter your situation in this pandemic? Be it loss of income, encouraged quarantine or under the pump on the front line working with essential services you could definitely do with moral booster. These Covid Isolation Selfies are sure to help hold of Isolation depression and the mental heath battles.

Sure instagram is full of bikini and lingerie models, big deal. Well we believe this is different. This is really Melbourne women posting their own Covid Isolation Selfies, “girls next door” is you don’t mind. Your average Melbourne young lady who may be a student, travelor, school teacher, nurse or check out chick that does a little extra work with us topless waitressing on weekends. Girls that aren’t approachable models, ladies that you can actually meet especially when attending oune of our events – like a private bucks party with the Big Boys Club, maybe a birthday party at Schnitzel n Tits or Footy Clubs Boys Night at Burgers n Babes.

These gorgeous girls posting their Covid Isolation Selfies can not only be caught at our events but they welcome you to follow them on their instagram accounts. So feel free to say hi. Here are their Instagram handles and links to their accounts… @___sweetdelight___, @_leah_moon, @amber_leah_x, @babydoll_dom, @haveastellatime, @jadesnakecharmer,, @louluxsg, @missarlo, @tastyythighs, @travelling_mulan,

In addition to these Covid Isolation Selfies we are also working on Private Isolation Messages that you can order from us to pass on to your mates.

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