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Bucks Parties Ballarat

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Bucks Parties Ballarat may not have quite the ring to it when trying to convince your group on planning your best mates bucks.

Our Ballarat customers at the Big Boys Club feel that they want to hit the city and cut loose for a weekend. At the Big Boys Club as part of all our bucks party packages we offer a bus pick up, perfect for anyone wanting to come into Melbourne CBD city for their bucks party. Not that Ballarat has little to offer, I mean people have struck gold once there before so you may again ha!? But generally if you’re a local, bucks parties in Ballarat mean bumping into the usual people you see week in week out, where you want to experience something you wouldn’t normally experience on a regular weekend. Normally bus pickup is free within a 30min radius from the city, but we can travel out to Ballarat to pick you and your group up and take you to Melbourne for cost price providing it fits in with the schedule on the day. Usually having a slightly earlier time slot such as 5-8pm or earlier enables us to do this. Plus an early time slot means you can cram more action into your day and night ahead.

Our Ballarat Bucks Party customers felt that with our service we bring an easy and slick door to door VIP service when booking with us. Our bus drivers are friendly guys for a bit of banter along the way. We have received great feedback about the waitresses, strippers in the past and even our bus drivers get a steady big up as well. All these elements however big or small when done well create an awesome bucks party all round.

And for the older guys like grandfathers that probably don’t want a night in the city they can help kick start the bucks parties Ballarat event by hitting your local pub for a few hours before our bus picks you up, it’s easy! A trip to the strippers probably wouldn’t be too good in the old fella’s heart anyway ha.

Bucks Party Ideas Ballarat

We have plenty of bucks party ideas Ballarat customers won’t know what’s hit them. On route to the city we can drop you off in Sunshine for a few laps of Go-Karting before the main event. Split your party up into 2. The bucks family on one side, the brides on the other and see which family comes out on top at racing. Thirsty after the race? We can organise an Eski for your group to store some cold beers in to sink and quench your thirst. Fancy laser tag instead? This is at the same activity centre so you can unleash your inner kid and get involved with this too. Adding an activity to your bucks party extends the amount of bucks party fun you can have. Plus it’s nice to mix things up a bit and include a bit more than just beers and tits for the event.

Bucks Party Ballarat

A few other boring but important factors to add is that our bucks party Ballarat customers found the service to be safe and well planned as well. Having 15-25 blokes jumping on public transport and navigating themselves round the city in ubers and taxis caused some to turn up late, get lost, end up at the wrong pub. Also waiting around outside venues for taxis to the next venue with other groups of drunk guys can be a recipe for disaster. The last thing anyone wants on a bucks night is a punch on, it ruins it for the group. So our bus service removed these elements and made things move seamlessly. Plus how often have you left your phone in a taxi or uber and it’s been a nightmare to get back? Well our bus driver is with you all night until you get to the strippers so we’ll look after your belongings up until then.

Bucks Party Packages Ballarat

We can assume when searching for ‘Bucks Party Packages Ballarat’’ the only places that came up were in Melbourne, so what kind of a hint is that to make sure you hold your bucks party in Melbourne. Melbourne is a vibrant city that doesn’t sleep and is only 1 hour and 30min drive away from Ballarat. For our events we hold them in bucks friendly venues in and around the CBD. All of our bucks party packages include topless waitress, a stripshow, you can choose between drinks packages, bar tabs, pub meals or finger food to go round on the night. We can tailor any to suit you and your group. At our events as well to make sure the night goes smoothly we have a Big Boys Club representative at our events. We just don’t dump you at a venue and that’s it. Our representative makes sure girls and performers arrive on time and are there to help with any questions or requests you may have on the night.

Bucks Activities Ballarat

We covered go karting but other Bucks Activities Ballarat doesn’t offer is Paintballing and a Super Sport Activity warehouse! Paintballing goes without saying and doesn’t need an explanation. But, our super sport warehouse offers an inflatable city of fun and games. We have bouncy castles, bungee runs, gladiator style duel podiums to name just a few. Oh and we nearly forgot to mention another huge selling point, we send along topless girls to play these activities with you. Yep that’s right not only will you be bouncing and drinking with your mates but you’ll be bouncing with our super cute up for it waitresses. It’s what dreams are made of. The inflatables are a massive highlight, but there are also other sports to play as well. Indoor cricket, beach volleyball, indoor soccer. Beach volleyball is popular with our waitresses and they’ll probably give you an absolute hiding with this activity.