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Grab the boys! Bucks Parties Bendigo here we go!? Yeah nah, I don’t think the buck would be particularly buzzing to head down to the local for a couple of jars then back to Dave’s after.

If you live in Bendigo the chances are you feel you may want to head to the city to celebrate a Melbourne bucks party. Bars and beers galore until the early hours then back to a CBD penthouse for a party in your apartment. We feel this is the track 99% of our bucks party Bendigo customers want to travel down when organising. So you’ve decided you want to hit Melbourne CBD? Now first things first, how are you going to get there. Preferably you’ll be travelling as part of a big group so you’d want to travel in all at the same time. This is where we can help you out. At the Big Boys club we offer a bus service to pick you up from Bendigo and drop you at one of our bucks party friendly venues in the city. This door to door VIP service is a somewhat gem and point of difference against other competitors. Don’t worry! You can start at your local if there’s some guys in your group that don’t want to head in to the big smoke. Your grandpa can still buy you a beer and wish you all the best at this early part if he doesn’t want to leave his Bendigo postcode.

This could be a blessing in disguise as we all know how the source affects the old fella’s in their old age, you don’t want to be babysitting them when it’s your time to party. If anything you’re the one who’ll probably need the tlc from your mates. So have some beers locally then we’ll pick you up and take you into the city where we’ll have the whole event pre-planned and party ready for your arrival. Our bus drivers Tim and Leeroy are decent blokes as well, we receive great feedback about them on a regular basis. So if you want to have a yarn to them along the way, pull up a seat at the front. They love the company.

Bucks Party Ideas

Residents in Bendigo feel when looking for Bucks Party Ideas organizing an event in Melbourne is too difficult. Where do we go? How do we book entertainment? Where shall we go drinking that has a vibe etc? Well we do all the hard work for you. Over the years we have worked closely with venues to make sure we have a bucks party friendly atmosphere at our events. Some establishments are put off by the word bucks, but the ones we use know we do a great job and are happy for you to party in their venue. So once you hop off that bus of ours, we’ll have a private venue ready for you, topless waitresses ready to play strip beer pong with your group, beers flowing, delicious food being served, a steamy stripshow for the buck and group,and other games along the way to keep the party rockin. Did I mention we tangle the buck up with the girls in a game of twister?

Bucks Party Bendigo

With bucks party Bendigo now out the question, and it’s bucks party Melbourne full steam ahead. We don’t just dump you at the venue when you arrive, we want to make sure you are looked after the whole way. One of our big boys club representatives is there to make sure if you have any questions along the way or have any concerns we can answer/solve them on the spot. Our Bucks party Bendigo customers felt they didn’t want the pressure of making sure the waitresses are ready and there on time, the performer is ready to go etc. So we do this for you without you having to worry about these things. The hardest job you have to do is to make sure the guys are all ready for the bus pick up? Even then you can start drinking a few hours early so that it gives plenty of leeway time for those blokes who like to be fashionably late. There’s always a few in every group.

Bucks Party Packages Bendigo

When scrolling through google after searching ‘Bucks Party Packages Bendigo’ no doubt you will be drowned in heaps of results with the majority coming from Melbourne. We’ve already covered the general basics of our bucks parties. Bus service, topless waitresses, strippers, food, booze etc. All the perfect ingredients for a bangin’ bucks night. But do you want to turn it up a notch? We can throw some added entertainment in to make the night truly memorable. Jelly Wrestling! Now we have your attention. 2 additional girls wrestling in a pool full of jelly, battling out the rounds in a bikini, each girl needs a towel boy and coach to help them through the next round. You can imagine it’s not long until there’s foul play and their bikini tops come undone. Bring a spare set of jocks for the buck and we can throw him as well. Boy vs Girls. The girls will win ha.

Bucks Activities Bendigo

Not keen on Jelly Wrestling but looking for more bucks activities Bendigo doesn’t have on offer? We have plenty to choose from, paintballing, lawn bowls. Check out our packages page here. So we have entertained you with a private event, then next drop off for our Bendigo bucks party customers is usually at the strippers (if you want we can drop off elsewhere in the inner city) This is the point of the night where we leave you and our bus service stops. Bendigo customers found that getting accommodation in the city whether its a penthouse apartment or a backpackers is a far better place to rest your head. As the night gets later people start to drop at different stages. Some will be the last to get kicked out the stripper at 6am others will want to hit the before midnight like Cinderella. A bus wouldn;t be able to hang around for everyone. If you want some ideas and links for bucks party accommodation in Melbourne be sure to hit us up.