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Here you will find out how to turn Bucks Parties Boxhill into Box Parties Melbourne and crank the party up a notch! Imagine having a Boxhill Bucks Party.

Boxhill is the perfect kick off location for a Bucks Party if you live local to the area. But maybe not to hold the whole event. As part of our packages at the Big Boys Club we include a bus service. Boxhill is right on the mark at the extent of our complimentary 30 min bus pick up zone. You may feel that you need all the guys to meet in the city to start the bucks party. Well that’s not true, if everyone in the group is local to Box Hill meet there and we’ll pick you up. Our loyal customers have felt that Box Hill offers a great way to start a bucks party. From what i know about Box Hill is that it’s a dry area? I may be wrong? However if it is maybe the boys could start off with a Bucks Party lunch at one of Box Hills fine Chinese or Vietnamese Restaurants.

Hopefully while having some fried rice or a pho you can sink some beers while waiting for our bus to come charging down the Eastern Freeway toward you. Boxhill customers have found that keeping together in a group and traveling into Melbourne together sets a great vibe for the bucks day. Having the group split up into different cabs or ubers can be pretty annoying. Sometimes you have to take one for the team and go as a loner and it costs you $30 in fair on your own. Annoying if you are on a bit of a budget, plus you may miss out on some top bants from the lads on the way. It’s pretty annoying having to pretend to laugh at inside jokes you know nothing about. After you have caught the bus from Boxhill into the city with the group you’ve probably worked up a bit of a thirst and hunger from all the chit chat along the way.

Bucks Party Ideas

Once departing off the bus (don’t worry our awesome Big Boys Club bus drivers Leeroy or Tim aren’t just dumping you at a booked venue and that’s it) one of our Big Boys Club representatives will greet you and take you to your private event space. It is then where your main event will take place. You’ll be greeted by our gorgeous waitresses with a beer in hand ready to pass to you for you to sink. Our girls are fun, flirty and will make sure they give you a bucks party to remember. You know you have a lot of pressure on you as the best man, not just from the buck, but the rest of the group as well. So we know how stressful it is to make sure an event works perfectly, that everything works out to a perfect timing. So put the stress on to us and you kick back and party.

Bucks Party Boxhill

Now in Melbourne you are likely to be thinking that you made the right choice in not having a Bucks Party Boxhill. As you look around the room you see the group watching a hilarious game of strip beer pong with the buck, the bucks dad and even the waitresses almost down to their undies. Our Boxhill customers found that our waitresses are pro’s at our bucks party games especially Twister. Yep they reguary go to yoga classes and can bed and twist their way out of any situation that’s spun on them. Left hand on red, right hand on boob umm we mean blue is no match for them. We also have a giant Jenga to play with as well. All these games are great icebreakers for the group and are great ways to interact with the guys. Not all groups of guys are loud and debaucherous so some fun bucks party activities included help the interactions.

Bucks Party Packages Boxhill

How many times did you search for Bucks Party Packages Boxhill before you changed the search term to include Melbourne? Melbourne was voted the worlds most liveable city and it’s not even a 30 minute bus ride on your doorstep. If you look through our Bucks Party Packages page you will find heaps of add ons to your basic package. We can add a little person to hang out with you at your main event. Our Melbourne bucks party bus service can take you to play paintball beforehand. Want something a little more relaxed then we can drop you off at Lawn Bowls, well when we say relaxed we do send our girls there to play bowls with you. Sure they can go to the bar and get you a pot of beer but they also get involved with the fun. Never played before? Well you’ll get a full demo from them!

Bucks Activities Boxhill

Throughout the whole day of Bucks Activities Boxhill to even more Bucks Activities in Melbourne, our bus service is with you. After playing bowls we drop you off at the main party venue. After the main party at our bucks party venue, we can drop you on to a stripclub. The whole day works to a perfect time frame. You have the same driver throughout the whole day from Boxhill to Melbourne and by the end of it he’ll be your best mate. The strippers is where the bus service ends, mainly because guys get lost and sometimes never return from there ha. But with Melbourne having a 24 hour transport service you can get back to Boxhill at hour of the day. Plus a lonely taxi ride home at the end of the night is the perfect place to gather your thoughts and laugh to yourself about the babes beer and all banter had with the Big Boys Club.