Big Boy Of The Month August

August one

Mr One – fifty


Meet August’s Big Boy of The Month for the BBC.

This bodyboarding bouncer and jelly wrestling super star has provento be a bit of a ladies man (Holy Shit, is it Iron Jay in disguise??!!)

All of you boys that where there front and centre at the big boyslaunch would have seen this man with a handful ass and a faceful oftits!!

Yeah thats right 1-50 was jelly wrestling up a storm.

What can I say another Big Boy of the Month Champion!!


Jeff & The Big Boy Crew

Quick Stats

Nickname: One – Fifty

Weirdest Job: Bouncer at Mens Gallery

Hobbies: Motorbikes, snowboarding, bodyboarding, rock climbing, partying

Weirdest Place You’ve Woken Up After a Big Night: Compost heap

Best Way to End a Big Night Out: In bed with a hottie


Make A Choice

Pub or Club: Pub, hands down

Steak or Parma: Steak, rare

Blonde or Brunette: Nothing beats a brunette with blue eyes

Boobs or Butt: Total ass man – girls can be born with great boobs, but gotta work to have a great ass!

The Physical Stuff

Sports Played: Now? Read above! At school – footy, cricket, hockey, volleyball, kayaking

Sports Watched: Any extreme sport, MotoGP, F1’s, V8’s, Footy

What’s Ya Fave?

Favourite Athlete: Travis Pastrana

Favourite Music Genre: Drum n Bass or heavy metal, depending on mood

Favourite Band: System of a Down

Fantasy Woman: Megan Fox

Favourite Beer: Jade (Cambodia) At home – Coopers Pale

Favourite Wine: Not a big wine drinker

Favourite Spirit: Bombay Saphire – loose juice!

Favourite Festival: St Kilda Festival

Favourite Big Boys Night: After jelly wrestling 3 girls at the launch party, I’d have to say that!

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