Beer Magic

Beer Magic

Beer Magic

Beer Magic – watch a pro then have a go!

When people think magicians, they usually think of guys like David Copperfield or Criss Angel. The next they think is “creepy”. Not this guy. Paul Zenon is a magician and stand up comedian working across pubs in the UK, as well as touring the world’s comedy festivals and corporate market. He’s the kind of guy you’d see hanging out at the Big Boys Club in his spare time. Doesn’t mean that he doesn’t make the occasional teeny, tiny mistake though…

Paul Zenon -good at chilling out soccer hooligans too! Here’s some beer magic and bar tricks you can use to win free drinks and amuse your mates at a bucks party

Beer Magic – Eye of Hercules

When your mate’s not watching open your beer bottle then push the cap back on. When he IS watching push bottletop with loose cap into your eye socket and twist it free.

Sell this trick by making the SSSH noise of gas escaping without moving your mouth. This doesn’t have to be super convincing – he’s expecting that noise & it completes the illusion.

Beer Magic – Bottlecap trick

Beer Magic -Anti Gravity

What he doesn’t tell you in the video..

1. This trick only works on a painted plasterboard wall

2. You’ve gotta make sure both walls on each corner are flush with the sides of bottle

3. When you’re rubbing it use very short strokes..about 3cm. Decrease them as you feel the bottle starting to stick

4. Bottle only stays up for a minute or 2 at most .. sometimes only 10-20 seconds

Beer Magic – The Big Freeze

Need to plan half an hour ahead for this one but it’s easy & amazing..sorry about the music

Strictly Beer Magic ? – 5 ‘ beer tricks’ from Buzzfeed

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