Homer Simpson Look Alike. You gotta see this!

Homer Simpson Look Alike

I cant stop looking at this Homer Simpson Look Alike!

Homer Simpson Look Alike

Homer Simpson Look Alike

A fat naked woman is a Homer Simpson look alike from the Simpson’s face. Her boobs look like his eyes and her two fat rolls make up the lips on his face. Like the many memes floating around on the web this is a real winner! Incidentally when we usually draw attention to topless ladies the boobs are not like these.

My brother sent this Homer Simpson Look Alike to me, and I thought it was hilarious.  You almost have to double take to see it.  I know it’s quite disgusting to look at in person (can’t imagine it) but I have to share this sh*t. LOL!

Here are some more simpsons look alikes for your pleasure…

I enjoy these doppelgangers to these iconic cartoon characters, the schwarzenegger like fellow by the name of Rainier Wolfcastle is quite well appreciated and the Stevie Wonder looking dude and jazz musician known as bleeding gums murphy is quite the hit. How about the incredible Greens Keeper willy look alike with Crossfit legend Lucas Parker?

Remember when Marge Simpson got a massive rack?! compliments to the Dr/surgeon not sure who he is? It’s definitely not Dr Nick.

Is it wrong to feel turned on by sexy Marge Simpson? In this episode she really has a lot to offer and all the blokes in the episode really take a shine to her. Its funny the things you discover when you spend time googling. did you expect to find a Homer Simpson Look Alike like this?!!!

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