10 crazy japanese game shows

crazy japanese game shows

 10 Crazy Japanese Game Shows that inspired Kanpai! Trivia

crazy japanese game shows

Crazy japanese game shows are so different to what were used to. To the Western TV audience a game show means variations on a pretty standard theme. Take one coked up suit jumping around energetically. Add a few flashing lights and sound effects. Mix in 3 or 4 suburban punters trying to win a few grand and you have a reliable ratings stayer to put on before the news.

Our events like to include games and activities we just love some good bucks party and drinking games, throw in some topless barmaids and you have a great night out of laughs and silliness.

The Japanese, however, have turbocharged and tie dyed the game show into a weird and wonderful kaleidoscope of challenges.

We looked to crazy Japanese game shows as inspiration for Kanpai! Our wacky Wednesday ‘adventure trivia’ night in Melbourne city. Here, in no particular order, are the office favourites..

Our top 10 Crazy Japanese game shows


The picture pretty much tells the story. I large wild animal meets a contestant tied to a tempting chunk of..yep, dead meat. They run for their lives. We laugh. Everyone’s happy.


Male contestants must sing Karaoke as pretty female assistants give them a hand shandy..hilarity ensues. (since we went to print the show has added footjobs)


The object here is..well, contestants have to…Just check out the GIF

#4 Gaki No Tsukai – THAI KICKING GAME

A bunch of dudes in multi-coloured outfits play a crazy game. Thai kickboxer stands by to give it to them when they get it wrong. Like a lot of these crazy japanese game shows i don’t really know what’s going on but it looks intense.


In this SAW style challenge terrified contestants scramble to avoid falling to their death…(or a foam pit)


Contestants must eat a cookie at each of the four stations on this high speed treadmill. Anyone who’s ever fallen on a treadmill knows the potential for hilarious injury


This isn’t strictly speaking a game show but we’ve included it because Janken is amazingly popular amongst people of all ages in Japan and has some violent and high stakes variations. In this one the schoolkid who loses has to get a protective bucket on before the winner can belt him in the head with a stick. Add a teaspoon of concrete to rock paper scissors!


Mai Dire Banzai is currently one of the most popular crazy Japanese game shows for adult audiences. The girl on girl action involved crosses all cultural divides


Ok so I invented this show title. Without translating a word said or shown on the screen we can understand the international symbol for pain..Hard, repeated hits to the groin.

#10 Mai Dire Banzai – SHOWER GIRL

Another sporting challenge from the Mai Dire Banzai NSFW stable. Watch these guys struggle to knock out the blocks and see some boob.

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