Rugby World Cup Semi Final Sunday Wallabies vs. All Blacks

This Sunday Australia and New Zealand will go to war. The whole population of New Zealand, Queensland, New South Wales and possibly four Victorians will watch the Rugby World Cup (RWC) Semi Final. Being so far away from other continents here are two countries that relish any opportunity to skip over the pond and fight each other in any sport. We all know Australia is mad for any sport where you can get into the Green and Gold, New Zealand is mad for any sport that is rugby. New Zealanders know that if Australia beats them in the RWC they may as well pack up their skinny little continent and head north. But if they win Australia will have to quickly remind everyone that some of us were not that into rugby any way and um have you seen the latest Netball results?

Rugby is a spectacle of gladiatorial proportions. Just like an ancient fighting match I have no idea what the rules are. It looks to me like somebody told thirty guys to line opposite each other, here’s a ball, get it past those guys. And by the way, you can only pass backwards. Err what? While this is basically correct there are a few more rules and scenarios. Rugby has a Maul, as does a victim of a dog attack. As far as I can tell a maul is a dynamically aggressive game of Twister being pushed along a field by some really big guys until somebody’s leg or foot is separated from their body and a brightly coloured referee blows a whistle in delight? All this and more for over an hour! It couldn’t be more dramatic if Tom Hanks were playing.

Drama and Rugby go together like cocaine and waffles. Ever seen the film Invictus when Morgan Freeman plays Nelson Mandela and Matt Damon played Rugby? Sundays match is going to be Rugby X Drama to the power of Maths! Don’t miss it.

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