Iceland Fitness! mmmmm yeah

iceland fitness

 Girls of the North

Iceland – apparently, despite the cold, the best place in the world to live. Iceland fitness is pretty much what it  sounds like – a bunch of gym rats from Iceland telling you how to train. Their site contains useful tips like the following..

Konráð Valur Gíslason hefur þjálfað fjöldan allan af íþróttafólki, allt frá knattspyrnufólki yfir í vaxtarræktar- og fitnesskeppendur.
Hér koma meðmæli frá nokkrum þeirra:

However, Iceland Fitness has one great strength..

Fire meets ice when these frosty female fitness fanatics demonstrate their training. These videos are hot in any language and cross the cultural divide!

Skin and Swordplay

 How about a spin class?

 More sexy or weird?

Work it girls!

Wow! Iceland Fitness breeds ’em beautiful

For profiles of individual babes flexing in the clips, more clips and a bunch of other stuff you may or may not be interested in visit iceand fitness homepage. (Which IS being translated. The blokes-corner’s actually not bad).

Big Boys Club – Glorious Girls Globally

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