VIP Bucks Party

 VIP Bucks Party Club Experience – For your Bucks Night

Ever wondered how the other half live? Find out on our VIP bucks night! You and the crew get the red carpet celebrity treatment at a premier strip club in central Melbourne. The extravagant goodies packed into this package guarantee your boys a night they’ll never forget! Have fun burning through..

  • Priority Admission
  • Free Admission for you and your Guests
  • 3 Extravagant Private Shows –
  • Double Fantasy Strip +
  • Double Raunchy Show +
  • TRIPLE girl on girl show
  • Personal VIP Waitress
  •  Private Dance Room
  • A $400 Tab
Number Of Guests Total Price
5 – 15 guests $1550

Ready for your entourage to roll large and in charge?

Remember, you’re not just booking a bucks party. You’re securing your position in history as the best man behind that badass bootyslammin’ night!


Did you know..when a man is getting married in Korea friends of the groom must first remove his socks, tie a rope around his ankles and beat his feet with fish. This apparently prepares him for his first night as a married man. We’d rather have hijinks with naked girls and a boozy bucks party but each to their own

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