Topless Waitresses

Felicity Banks

topless waitresses

If you are put in the position of power, your every move is watched and judged so when you obtain the most the coveted role as Best Man- you know you have to bring your A game. Everybody knows when it comes to best man duties, your performance is based on two things: 1) your best man speech and 2) how perfect the bucks party is, so whether you are on the ball and have months to prepare, or leaving it to the last minute, we can help you put together the best bucks night possible. One thing that can make a buck’s night is by hiring topless waitresses for your party. Now, we are not just talking about any run of the mill Melbourne topless waitresses; our guarantee is to bring you waitresses that not only look the part but have a great party attitude to go with it. Whatever your theme, our waitresses know how to entertain. Keeping it fun and flirty, you will never be without a drink in your hand. Our best in Melbourne topless waitresses are also the most multi-talented; from being excellent jelly wrestlers to on the ball at customer service and absolute guns at games like twister, do not settle for anything less when it comes to throwing your mate the best bucks night out.

Our Topless Waitresses start of in one of these cute little themed outfits, you can choose which one suits you…

Not Enough? We Have Melbourne’s Best Strippers

Buck’s nights and strippers; name a more iconic pairing, I’ll wait. No more waiting, because there is not anything more made for each other than strippers for a buck’s night. At eighteen, you may not have cared for the quality of a strip show but when it comes to sending off a mate before marriage, it is time to get serious about selection. The art of stripping is not as easy as one thinks. Just being able to take off your clothes, no matter how attractive you are, is only the bare basic requirement of the job; to be a great stripper, now that takes not just having a hot body. It takes charisma, charm and personality because let’s face it, anybody can take their clothes off but to have fun with it? Now that is a great stripper. If you want more than the best of Melbourne topless waitresses, then we can also provide you with Melbourne’s best strippers for your buck’s night. Give your mate the send-off he deserves and be able to come along for the ride yourself with a the cheekiest, sexiest and most flirtatious strippers that Melbourne has to offer. Whether it is best of Melbourne topless waitresses or the best of Melbourne strippers…or both, we got what you need to make sure you pull of the best bucks night in your group of mates history.

Spice up the Sport

Now while we are known for our best buck’s night parties, with the crème of the crop of the best Melbourne topless waitresses and strippers, we can also organise some of the best sports club events your team has ever had. Whether it is a beginning of the year bonding night, a mid-season pick me up or an end of season blow out, we can provide you with all the goods to make sure that your sports club event is more action packed than a Grand Final. Whether you want us to take care of the venue or have it in your own private club rooms, leave all the planning food, transportation, entertainment and alcohol up to us! All you will need to do is rock up and have a good time (and provide a security guard per fifty guests if the event is being run out of your club rooms). From providing the best in Melbourne topless waitresses, a stellar strip show, jelly wrestling and an event manager or an one thousand dollar bar tab, sexy girls painted in your team colours, games like beer pong and twister; the list is endless on how we can give you the party that your team deserves. Do it for the lads, you know that they deserve it!

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