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Bucks Party Games Ideas

bucks party games


Bucks Party Games to break the ice!

Saying goodbye to those free and easy years as a bachelor can be hard – which is why it’s seriously important to make that last night of ‘freedom’ truly wild, fun and memorable. Not just another night out in Richmond. The all-important bucks party symbolises the move from an untamed single life to something a little more stable and meaningful with a ‘G’ rating – so it only makes sense to fill the hours with flowing drinks, hot topless barmaids and the most entertaining bucks party games.

Which bucks party games are suitable for your party?

Bucks parties are usually made up of lads from both the bride and the groom and so often have never crossed paths before. A few cheeky bucks party games are a great way to break the ice, get everyone involved and most importantly, get the clothes off the girls!

Here at Big Boys Club we have no shortage of unique and classic bucks party ideas. When it comes to bucks games there are some tried and tested favourites that are always huge crowd pleasers. The best bucks party games ensure those raucous laughs, naughty action, and unforgettable memories keep flowing just as freely as the next round of drinks.

We just want you to have the ultimate bucks party in Melbourne, or anywhere local like Richmond or for that matter anywhere on the planet, so we put together the ultimate list of bucks party games for your inspiration and amusement.

Here’s the list of bucks party games, read on for the details!
  1. Bouncer arm-wrestle
  2. Instant karaoke
  3. Pretty boy
  4. Toy soldiers
  5. Banned words
  6. Scavenger hunt
  7. Sign the buck
  8. Underwear Twister
  9. Edward Beerhands
  10. Power hour
  11. How well do you really know her?
  12. Thumbs
  13. Beer Pong
Part 1 – Outrageous Bucks Party Challenges & Dares

Nothing gets a roar of excitement-meets-horror than an audacious bucks party challenge or dare. We’ve come up with some of the best in the business – and failure to take on the challenge may require a round of drinks for the entire room.

Bouncer arm-wrestle

arm wrestle

bucks party games arm wrestle

Ever seen a HUGE, muscle-bound guy in the room – perhaps the bouncer at the richmond club hotel? – and thought to yourself ‘I’m glad I don’t have to arm-wrestle HIM’? Well, that’s the bucks challenge – dare a huge stranger to a one-handed contest.

Instant karaoke

All this one requires is a chair. Namely, stand proudly above those around you and exclaim ‘Instant Karaoke! Any requests?’ Failure to get through at least one verse or chorus means instant shame, convince others to sing along to become the instant karaoke star!

Pretty boy

Find a pretty girl with an ample sized handbag – she’s sure to have some lipstick and eye-shadow in there. Now ask her very nicely to make the buck look beautiful.

Bucks party games in the form of dares and challenges is an awesome way to send the groom-to-be from the innocent world of bachelordom into the deep waters of marriage. So use your imagination, get involved in the fun, and prepare for discomfort and hilarity!

Toy soldiers

Grab a cheap packet of toy soldiers from a toy shop and give one to each attending member of the bucks party. Every time the best man shouts ‘Toy soldiers!’ throughout the night, everyone has to quickly get into the position of his particular soldier.

toy soldiers Richmond

toy soldiers bucks party games

Banned words

Choose a list of words that cannot be mentioned during the entire duration of the Bucks Party. Be sure to choose common words so guests will be caught using them!
Decide on a ‘punishment’ when someone says a banned word. This could be another challenge, a fine or skull a drink! The beauty of this game, much like toy soldiers is that it go on as long as you like!

Scavenger hunt

Send the groom (or the entire party) on a scavenger hunt. Put together a list of items to acquire beforehand. This could include anything you like from lipstick and drink coasters. Spread them all around your local neighbourhood, in this example we are thinking Richmond.

Sign the buck

Two steps for this raucously fun bucks party game. 1. Make sure you have some permanent markers available. 2. Offer the marker to a group of females to ‘sign the buck’ leaving a note to remember his night in the morning!

Underwear Twister

Bucks Party Topless Waitress Twister

This is as completely awesome as it sounds and one game of Twister you will never forget! Our bevvy of Big Boy Club beauties will have games of Twister in their underwear for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to have a game with them and always a good idea to get the buck involved.

PART 2 – Bucks Party Drinking Games

Let’s face it – it’s a bucks party.  You’re gonna get wildly drunk.  Everyone’s gonna get wildly drunk.  So you might as well make it a bucks party game (hiccup!)

Edward Beerhands

This one is especially for the buck.  All you need is some big bottles of beer and some tough gaffer tape.  It’s really very simple: the buck grips the two beer bottles, his awesome mates gaffer tape them to his hands, and he has to drink every last drop before his hands are released back into his custody.

Power hour

Richmond power hour


Bucks party games in the form of boozing til you drop come in all shapes and sizes, from the complex to the simple.  This one’s particularly easy: every time the second hand on your watch ticks over to a new minute, it’s time to down another shot of beer.  You ‘could’ try it with spirits – but may need an ambulance!

How well do you really know her?

Get the best man to write up a list of questions to quiz the groom about his Bae.  What was the name of her first pet?  What size bra does she wear?  What’s the last book she read?  What’s her nickname for your you-know-what?  Failure to confidently know (or honestly disclose) the answer straight away is punished with a compulsory chugging of an entire beer.


A good ice breaker drinking game is known as ‘thumbs’. At the beginning of the night choose a ‘thumb master’. The thumb master places his thumb on the table and waits for everyone else to realise and do the same. Slowly all thumbs will go down leaving one person ‘the loser’ who has to drink whatever you decide, usually two fingers of beer. The loser then becomes the thumb master and the game continues.

Beer Pong

topless-waitress bucks party beer pong

Always a huge crowd pleaser, beer pong is a game loosely based around skill and precision with our Big Boys Club waitresses. We will set up your beer pong table for you whilst you can test your skills against our very savvy beer pong experts. However, its not just a beer you are skulling the loser is also removing an item of clothing! So be warned, sometimes the boys end up with a lot less clothes on than the girls.

We hope you enjoyed Big Boys Club’s ultimate bucks party games list!

In all seriousness, now – we really do think an awesome bucks party is an absolute must as your best buddy takes the big plunge into married life.  At Big Boys Club, we’re all about helping to make it an absolutely unforgettable night – and sincerely hope our ultimate list of bucks party games really gets the fun started! If you’re planning a bucks night and want to leave it to the experts get in touch.

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