Big Boy Of The Month August

August one

Mr One – fifty


Meet August’s Big Boy of The Month for the BBC.

This bodyboarding bouncer and jelly wrestling super star has proven to be a bit of a ladies man (Holy Shit, is it Iron Jay in disguise??!!)

All of you boys that where there front and centre at the big boys launch would have seen this man with a handful ass and a faceful of tits!!

Yeah thats right 1-50 was jelly wrestling up a storm.

What can I say another Big Boy of the Month Champion!!

Jeff & The Big Boy Crew

Quick Stats

Nickname: One – Fifty

Weirdest Job: Bouncer at Mens Gallery

Hobbies: Motorbikes, snowboarding, bodyboarding, rock climbing, partying

Weirdest Place You’ve Woken Up After a Big Night: Compost heap

Best Way to End a Big Night Out: In bed with a hottie

Make A Choice

Pub or Club: Pub, hands down

Steak or Parma: Steak, rare

Blonde or Brunette: Nothing beats a brunette with blue eyes

Boobs or Butt: Total ass man – girls can be born with great boobs, but gotta work to have a great ass!

The Physical Stuff

Sports Played: Now? Read above! At school – footy, cricket, hockey, volleyball, kayaking

Sports Watched: Any extreme sport, MotoGP, F1’s, V8’s, Footy

What’s Ya Fave?

Favourite Athlete: Travis Pastrana

Favourite Music Genre: Drum n Bass or heavy metal, depending on mood

Favourite Band: System of a Down

Fantasy Woman: Megan Fox

Favourite Beer: Jade (Cambodia) At home – Coopers Pale

Favourite Wine: Not a big wine drinker

Favourite Spirit: Bombay Saphire – loose juice!

Favourite Festival: St Kilda Festival

Favourite Big Boys Night: After jelly wrestling 3 girls at the launch party, I’d have to say that!