Want our help to make the Buck embarrassed?

What’s a bucks party without a red faced buck?

Taking the piss out of soon to be married mates is a time-honoured Aussie tradition. Our rowdy light-hearted events lend themselves to making the Buck embarrassed.

With a little background intel from you and a little help from our experienced girls and hosts no buck is safe! We’ve run thousands of bucks party so we know how to find the line between embarrassed and tearful/murderous..

Have you got something we can use to make the buck embarrassed? Get your licks in before he’s safely married – you know he’ll find it funny…eventually. Give us as much detail as possible and lets do this!

Use the ‘shame file’ below to provide every juicy detail we might work with to embarrass your mate…

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We’ll get in touch with you shortly to nail this plan.

If you selected ’embarrassing photos’ we will contact you to get our hands on the evidence. Compile the best exhibits available..

SENT! ouch

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