So summer is here and you’re doing okay with the quality you’re pulling in… but realise there is always room for improvement. How do you increase your pulling power? How do you go from hooking Miss-Not-That-Hot-But-Eager-So-Therefore-Convenient, to bagging the hottest of the hot??

Picture this: you are a hot chick! Every time you go out, you get approached by guys with various lame pick up lines “you are so amazing” or “you look beautiful” or “can I buy you a drink??” After hearing this crap day in, day out, it gets boring and you put on your bitch face to get rid of these losers…What you need to do to land this hot chick is take her by surprise and thus eradicate the ‘bitch face’. But HOW do you do this?!?!

The answer?? NEGGING!

Negging involves putting a hot chick down (not TOO much but enough to surprise her). She is used to getting her ass kissed, so when you neg her, this will shock her and immediately her defense mechanisms will lower (her ‘bitch face’).

My personal favourite:

“Hey, sorry to bother you but I wanted to talk to the hottest girl in the room…(pause for effect)… she’s all the way over there, so I’ll practice on you first”

The key is not to go so far that you get slapped, but not to be a pussy either – get her thinking and be a bit sharp. The creme de la creme of ladies get complimented all the time, so to get in there you need to do something different. Remember – you’re not the bitch, she is.

Good luck fellas.

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