That was an awesome weekend of sport

I think we can all safely say, that the weekend just gone, was a hell of a lot of fun. I know I had a bloody great time sitting on me couch, sinking tinnies and watching sport!

First off we have to talk about the A League grand Final. Everyone was pretty much rooting for the Western Sydney Wanderers to beat the Central Coast Mariners, but the Mariners were really just too bloody good. This was the Mariners 4th Grand Final appearance and this year, was their first win. So congrats to the Central Coast, the victory was well deserved.

Now in our last post we sort jump the gun about the AFL’s ANZAC day match at the G. So in this post we thought we should make mention of Demons winning their first footy game this season. The club hasn’t been doing so well in the last couple of years and it was great to see the team fight and win against the Giants. Yeah sure the Giants aren’t the greatest side in the world, but lets hope the win gives the Demons some confidence that can lead to some more wins this season.

Just the other day Manchester United smashed the living shit out of Aston Villa to wrap up the title race for the Barclays Premier League. United were just way to good all season and they really do deserve to be this years Champions.

The Playoffs have kicked off in the NBA and you can sort tell already who’s gonna advance to the next round and who’s not. Of course the Miami Heat smashed the Bucks, the Clippers have taken a 2-0 lead against the Grizzles, The Spurs were to strong for the Lakers and the Thunder demolished the Rockets. The Nuggets just beat the Warriors, in what was a great game to watch. Brooklyn and the Bulls are tied at 1-1, this series will surely gone down to the wire. The Pacers were to strong for the Hawks, but I wouldn’t be writing the Hawks off just. Finally the Knicks had good, but tough win against the Celtics. There’s lots more action to come and I certainly can’t wait to see what happens next.

The Ashes squad get announced very soon and one thing is certain, Shane Watson wont be the Vice Captain of Australia. I for one am not a real fan of Watson. He is a little too inconsistent for my liking. Lets hope he lifts his game against the Poms now that he has a little less to do in the side.

We just thought we should mention that Nicole Vaidisova is pretty hot!

Mike Hunt

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