Disappearing buck antics

Disappearing buck

Where’d he go? The disappearing buck!

As bucks pranks go, this is an oldie but a goodie. Done well the disappearing buck is nothing short of spectacular.

Have the grooms bags prepped for him without him knowing then get a couple of the boys kitted up in balaclavas. When he is somewhere vulnerable grab the groom, blindfold him and then whisk him away (keep it low key, you don’t want some poor onlooker phoning the boys in blue). Do not remove the blindfold or speak until all the bucks group are assembled. For added fun set him a challenge over the course of the weekend or ransom him to the bride. If either of them fail then when its time to go home leave him behind! (A word to the wise, DO NOT attempt to gag him in anyway. It’s Murphy’s Law that this will be when you suddenly all learn that secretly he’s asthmatic. A quick guide to CPR here)

Disclaimer; Big Boys Club we don’t supply or officially encourage these types of pranks.  This is purely a light read and an entertaining laugh involving pranks OTHER people have done. The disappearing buck from bucks parties all around the world is not on us

Groom and Doom

The disappearing buck should not be confused with the groom with cold feet. There’s an article here about what to do if you have cold feet before the wedding but will it help? Samples: Panic – she’s not the one! Answer – Dude relax, she only has to be the one of many who will work out okay  OR Panic – Holy shit I’ve gotta call it off! Answer You can’t, it’s too late, heaps of people are coming. Better to get divorced later (?!!) Maybe read the article if you’re thinking of being your own disappearing buck. Having a chuckle might help you relax. 

We have plenty more bucks party prank ideas for your entertainment.

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