Group Bookings – Big Boys Burger Bar

We’re built around group bookings!

Big Boys Burger bar is built around the demand we’ve noticed for small to medium sized groups of (mostly) guys wanting to cut loose without blowing the budget. This is an environment in which a close crew, colleagues, sports teams or a birthday bash can..

All get involved in the mischief

Send the guest of honour up as their champion to compete in tests of brain and brawn or be the boytoy in the girls sexy games

Just kick back with a reasonably priced drink served by a gorgeous girl and watch the fun unfold.

In over 5 years of group parties we’ve learnt when to encourage or ‘spotlight’ nominated partygoers and when to hang back and leave you to catch up.

We offer substantial group discounts and ticketlink email booking means you reserve seats for an estimated number of guests without paying for everyone upfront..but still get the group discount!

Take a birthday party, bucks party, work sendoff or just a get together with mates to the next level! Melbourne’s best burgers. Melbourne’s sexiest girls, undressed to the nines and bringing your beers. Melbourne’s best Saturday night out!

Tell us your plans –  we’ll make them happen hassle free

It’s so easy for the group bookings to  Rock – it  at the Big Boys Burger Bar! Our beautiful waitresses can’t wait to meet you!

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