Navel Gazing

There are some things that just make you proud to be an Aussie, aren’t there? I mean, I bet they don’t have this kind of stuff in Germany!

The International Belly Button Jewellery Competition was held in Brisbane last month, bringing thousands of gorgeous girls (and a couple of slightly effeminate blokes) from all over the world to parade their oh so sweet stomachs all over our beaches. Mmmm…what I wouldn’t give to be a patch of Gold Coast sand right now…

These two gorgeous gals (from Sweden, yah?) took out the first prize, but there were a number of honourable mentions that certainly deserve a bit of credit too!

Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me a sick feeling in my stomach to bring you the runner up in the 2011 International Belly Button Jewellery Competition, Cheryl from Collingwood!! Why don’t you go ahead and pop that cork Cheryl? It’s time to celebrate!!

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