Dream Girl or Your Worst Nightmare?

Gina Carano:

Dream Girl or Your Worst Nightmare?

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock, Gina Carano is the gorgeous face of Women’s Mixed Martial Arts.

A Muay Thai champion, she is famous, not for partying at dodgy nightclubs, being “caught” nude on tape, and posing for Playboy – but for beating other chicks’ heads in for money.

Gina Carano is a brunette sex goddess, with a pretty face, and a washboard stomach.

She can also beat you to a pulp on a whim.

Also known by the names “Conviction” and “Crush”, this is not a woman you would want to mess with. Mess around with, yes. Mess with, no.

And here is the conundrum for the womanising, sport-loving, modern male:

Is this your idea of a Dream Girl or the epitome of your worst Nightmare?

Sure she’s gorgeous and she has a smile that makes the world look brighter.

But with one flick of her leg, she can also make you see stars.

Here at the Big Boys Club, we say, Gina, bring it on. We’re men enough to take a beating from a woman like you.

But please let us nestle into your bosom afterwards…

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