Celebrity Big Boy Of The Month – May 2011

Celebrity Big Boy Of The Month – MAY 2011

Over the last couple of days, the worldwide media have been rejoicing at the death of Osama bin Laden. The team at the Big Boys Club were skeptical to begin with (Yeah. Sure. “Buried at sea”. Good one, Obama.), and our suspicions were confirmed with a phone call from an “anonymous caller” (wink, wink) to set the record straight. So we present to you our Celebrity Big Boy Of The Month for May 2011, Osama “Ben” Laden (yeah, cause that will work).

The Low Down

Quick Stats

Nickname: “Bin Daddy, Osama Bin Hidin’, Osama Bin Kenobi”

Weirdest Job: “World’s Most Wanted Man 2001 – 2011. Totally outlasted George Clooney and Brad Pitt!”

Hobbies: “Film making, scrap booking, Jihad.”

Weirdest Place You’ve Woken Up After a Big Night: “Bottom of the North Arabian Sea.”

Best Way to End a Big Night Out: “World domination.”

Make A Choice

Pub or Club: “I’d rather not say. They already found me once…”

Steak or Parma: “Goat parma. Crumbed goat schnitzel, topped with the blood of an infidel, hold the bacon, finished off with some melted goats cheese.”

Blonde or Brunette: “Who cares? They all look the same under a burka!”

Boobs or Butt: “George W. Bush is definitely my favourite boob.”

The Physical Stuff

Sports Played: “Hide & Seek”

Sports Watched: “CNN. Did you see those Americans trying to find my ass? Talk about endurance!”

What’s Ya Fave?

Favourite Band: “Rolling Stones”

Fantasy Woman: “You want me to name all 72 of them?”

Favourite Drink: “Infidel tears.”

Favourite Movie: “When Harry Met Sally, Bring It On, Three Kings.”

Favourite Festival: “Ramadan.”


“Must fly gents. There’s someone knocking on my front door. Death to infidels! Osama out!”

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