You’ve gotta be loving all this sports action

Well there has already some massive sporting events on this week and it’s not even the weekend yet. Now you’ve gotta be loving that. So lets recap what’s already happened.

First up lets discuss what happened in the AFL. There were 2 games on ANZAC day. The 1st game was the big annual match between the Pies and the Bombers. As per usual the G was packed to the rafters, but this time the game wasn’t so close. The Bombers came away with a big win, thrashing the lack luster Pies. The Other game was the first regular season game not played in Australia. The Swans and the Saints took a trip across the ditch to play their match in New Zealand. As to be expected the reining premiers came away with the win.

To the NRL now and there were 2 games as well on ANZAC day. The first was the Roosters vs the Dragons. Now the Dragons have the beaten the Roosters the last 5 years in a row, but this year the Roosters dominated the Dragons and gave them an ass whipping! Now to the mighty Melbourne Storm, they faced one of their biggest rivals the Auckland Warriors. For some reason the Warriors play really well against the Storm and this year was no different. The game was so close for 70 minutes, but with 10 minutes to go the Storm found some form and rushed in 2 tries to seal the win. This makes it 7 straight wins on zero loses for the mighty Storm in the 2013 season. Let’s hope the boys can keep this form up.

In the English Premier League, everyones favourite biter, Luis Suarez, has been suspended for 10 weeks, for taking a bit out of his Chelsea opponent. To me, that seems about right. It doesn’t matter how hungry you are, you don’t go munching on your opposition.

To the Super Rugby and there is one massive game on this weekend, the Reds vs the Blues. The Blues are second on the ladder and the Reds are fourth on the ladder. This is going to make for one hell of a good game, because the Reds are hitting some good form at the moment. I for one will definitely be smashing a 6 tinnies while watching this game.

Finally, some Cricket news. The Ashes squad was announced yesterday and the new Vice Captain was named. Now you may or may not know this yet but I’m a bit passionate about my cricket and I can tend to harp on about it so I’ll try and keep this short. I for one am not really that impressed with the side and the naming of the new Vice Captain. Our bowling line up looks good but I’m still unsure about the batting line up, there’s not to many batsmen in that line up that are in form, I am impressed with the selection of Chris Rodgers, hopefully he can carry his great form from the Sheffield Shield across to England. Finally, all can I say about the selection of Brad Haddin as the Vice Captain is, REALLY! You can’t be serious! I’m mean, I hope I’m wrong, but I can’t see this going well for us at all.

Last but certainly not least! Don’t you love it when tennis players put their bikini’s on!

Mike Hunt

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