Sexy Star Wars girls

Megan Fox on a Star Wars shirt

The Star Wars franchise is one of the most well known and greatest ever. That why our Topless Barmaids and Strip tease performers love this theme. The original film is one of the best films ever made. Add this classic film collection (Let’s just pretend Jar Jar Binks never happened) to top of the line hotties, and you get this winning combination. Sexy Star Wars girls. The Big Boys Club respect this and bring the vibe to some of our Bucks Parties in the following ways…

Sexy Star wars girls at Schnitzel n Tits

Every May we have a Star Wars themed month where we dedicate our whole show to the series. If you want to learn more about this click here.

Sexy Star wars girls at Bucks Party with Big Boys Club

If you book a private Star Wars Bucks Party event you will get a whole other experience. This amazing bucks party experience can be researched here.

Sexy Star wars girls at Star Wars Burlesque

This theatre show that tours regularly is an amazing night out. Very professional and very kool. We are massive fans and attend every year.

Here is their little promo video to get you excited about their next tour…

Sexy Star wars girls in Our Star Wars Parodies

We had a crack at making some of our own Star Wars parodies. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them.

“Help me Obi Wan you’re my only hope”

This line is spoken by Princess Leia Organa, played by Carrie Fisher, in the film Stars Wars Episode VI: A New Hope, directed by George Lucas (1977).

The ship of Princess Leia Organa has been taken over by Darth Vader—bad guy extraordinaire. Before she is captured, Leia is able to leave a message pleading for the help of a man called Obi-Wan Kenobi with a little droid named R2-D2. He and another droid, C-3PO, escape from the ship and land on Tatooine.

On Tatooine, the droids are captured and sold to Luke Skywalker’s uncle. As Luke is cleaning R2-D2, he accidentally triggers part of the message from Princess Leia, which plays on repeat. “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi,” she says, “you’re my only hope.”

Needless to say, Luke is pretty intrigued and goes out looking for Obi-Wan, which begins quite the epic adventure.

Imperial March

“The Imperial March” is sometimes referred to simply as “Darth Vader’s Theme.” In the movies (except for the original Star Wars), the march is often played when Darth Vader appears. It is also played during Palpatine’s arrival on the Death Star in Return of the Jedi, though it does segue into the Emperor’s own theme as he appears.

A group of Slave Leia’s strangle Jabba the Hutt.

Cosmic Girls – The beautiful topless waitresses from Schnitzel n Tits enjoying the star wars dress ups.

Check out our up-coming Schnitz Wars shows here.

And here are some other cuties from around the interweb that like to dress up in Star Wars gear. Bless their cotton socks.

 Not one of our Top 5 Best Bucks party ideas But a Star Wars Bucks Party is one of our favorites and a sure fire way of seeing our Sexy Star Wars Girls!

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